Ace of Cups


For the next few posts I’d like to look at the aces of the minor arcana. To my way of thinking the ace represents the essence of the suite, the archetype of the suite in a way.

I think of cups two ways, the most common being as a symbol of close realationships in general, romance/dating/marriage  in particular. The less common way is the more ancient association with the element of water and the idea of intuition.


This is part of the inspiration for my poetry collection, “Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds”, minor arcana aces live where our inner world intersects the outer, represents our connection to universe around us. Relationships work much the same way. It isn’t one person comleting the other, but rather two whole, complete people whose lives touch, work together, and “Dance” together to creeate something new. The relationship is more than the sum of the parts. The relationship does not complete the people in it, it lifts them whole to a place higher than they could reach alone.

Relationship with “higher self”, spirit guides also counts, so no wonder that this ace is associated with inner light and intuition. That is tone way of understanding¬†for the element water.

If the ace of cups comes to you, then think about the essence of your relationships, your connection with your intuition, and how both of those things can help to brighten your inner light.