Tarot through the Fourth Dimension

I love science.

Believe it or not, Tarot…real, intuitive, creative, folk art, defacto counselor, human nature, non-woo-woo, down-to-earth-, airy-fairy-less Tarot…is absolutely compatible with science.

Think about the essence of science as described by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ann Dryen and the other writers of “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey”

“Test ideas by experiment and observation. Build on those ideas that pass the test.
Reject the ones that fail. Follow the evidence whereever it leads. Question everything. Accept these terms and the Cosmos is yours”

My experiment is doing a lot of Tarot readings – decades worth. My observation is that readings are terrible at predicting the future, but readings are excellent tools for decision making, creative problem solving, inspiration, and for expressing certain aspects of human spirituality.  In following the parts of Tarot that past the test, I find conceptual echoes and parallels (NOT cause-effect explanations) to some aspects of science, particularly from the discipline of quantum mechanics. I’m more than willing to test and question and observe some more. In this respect, Tarot is compatible with science.

The key to this compatiblility is the way Tarot approaches time, a.k.a the fourth dimension.

Both “Cosmos” versions and “Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” have used an example, based somewhat on “Flatland” by E.A. Abbott, that makes the whole dimensional thing more understandable by taking everything down a dimension. Imagin a piece of paper is really a two dimensional world (even though it really has third-dimension thickness, however small). If a three dimensional apple were to visit the two dimensional world the paper would never see more than circle-ish shape, never the whole sphere of the apple all at once. All the paper would ever experince of the apple as it moves through that 2D world is a changing shape, like clicking through the cross-sections of a CT scan.

Time is inextricably linked to 3D space. It has been called the fourth dimension. But as 3D creatures, like the Flatlanders trapped in a piece of paper, we can only experience time in one cross-sectional slice at a time – this present moment. Tarot readings are a product of 3D existance. Tarot, like everyone and everything else, can only experience the fourth dimension from a three dimensional portal – a.k.a right here, right now.

I’m no physicist, but as I undestand popular explanations of the subject, higher dimensions are phenominally close by, much closer than skin tight. I think it’s fair to imagine time as woven into our cells, sitting up against the atoms of our being. Given that, it makes sense to me that, after evolving in this multiple dimensional soup (as well as the primordial one) it would be adaptive to have some sensitivity to those dimensions. Have good hunches and gut instincts would help a furry little critter survive while scurrying around the toes of dinosaurs. The same kind of sensitivity can help us thrive in the modern jungle too.

Flatlanders can not control the shape of the apple moving through their world…nor can we predict the future absolutely…precisely because we CAN change our apple, so to speak. Here is where I would add in the brain bending physics of Schrodinger’s cat, observation collapsing probability waves, and a complex web of observers from here to who-knows-where. It’s enough to bring your brain to a slow simmer, so let’s just leave it with the power of choice. Our experience of time may not be a pre-determined apple-shape, but a thread that can be nudged into different shapes and directions by our choices. Tarot, intuition, and psychic work helps us sense that shape, and helps us to figure out where, when and how to nudge the thread of life through time.

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