New Content: Blog Cabin 8 April 2014

Have spent the past couple of days writing new content on about Aromatherapy and setting up yet another theme. You can read all about on the “Merry Monday” post and the new “What is Aromatherapy?” page. You are all invited to ask any general Holistic Health, Natural Health, or Medication – free stress management questions on the “ask the expert” page.

I haven’t been on board with National Poetry month like I was last year, but the latest poems in response to the WDBWP monday prompts are up on Baihu’s Haikus

Have hit maximum density on the seasonal raving on Browncoat Whovian Epiphany, so it may be quiet until after easter…but then ranting is kind of an impulse thing by definition, so you never know

Am tinkering with a healthy-version cookie recipe that I’ll be posting on The Vampire Diet once I have it closer to perfected. Keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile the weekly menu idea roll on.

For Modern Oracle Tarot I’ll finish up the other two ace cards soon, and may bring back the “arcana in balance” and “in the cards” series for the summer. I’m thinking about doing those on Wednesdays at least initially. And please, take a look at the new “pay what you want gift exchange“. If you’ve thought of trying a Modern Oracle Tarot reading…now’s the time.


The doors are open – feel free to look around the Blog Cabin 😀