Merry Monday Project

NekoCatOver on my Holistic Health blog, I’ve introduced the “Merry Monday Project”. Inspired by Cynthia Lee’s “Scattered Life Collective”  and Amy Putkonen’s “Tao Tuesday“.

Merry Monday is crazy simple, and I invite all of you to do it too – whether you share it with anyone or not.

The basic idea is to find one thing a week that makes you happy, brings a little smile to your face, a moment of lightness to your heart, or at least just doesn’t stink. One little, tiny, common, everyday, ordinary little think in a whole week. Then write it down. You can put it in the comments or blog about it and send a link so we can all enjoy the little spark of coolness that you’ve found too. Keep doing that, and at the end of the year you’ll have a list of over 50 things that are nice – if not downright wonderful. Pull out that list on a down day…odds are SOMETHING on your list of happy will lift your spirits.

Easy enough, right? Actually there is more too it than that…

Some studies suggest that you can build thought habits (automatic attitudes, feelings or points of view) through meditation. Not all meditation is sitting around cross-legged for hours. One kind of meditation is the daily Tarot meditations like you see here, or that I write about it #PeaceTarot. Merry Monday is the same thing. It is a brain exercise to build your happy muscle if you want to think about it that way.

Anyway, in my experience, it works. I’ve written daily meditation Tarot readings for years. Merry Monday is just as much fun, and it does help kick those knee-jerk reflexes in a slightly more positive direction if you do it over time. Really.

If you’d like to read and comment, please visit every Monday for your weekly dose of Merry.

Each week, the little bit of merry may be, well, little. I’m not promising  joy and exstacy, but if you keep stacking little stones in time you have a wall. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, next thing you know you’ve walked a mile.

Won’t you join in? If you have a blog, write a post about your “merry monday” thing-of-coolness, link to my monday post, and send me a link to yours. That will link everyone to all sorts of Merry Monday shenanigans.