Tarotbytes: 4 of Cups


Serenity requires honesty, self-confidence and a degree of discernment. Even if it offered in all sincerity, some ideas are a cup of cold comfort if it does not resonate with your true spirit. As the Buddha sat under a tree in meditation, he found his place of truth and power – and serenity. We each must be honest with ourselves about the kind of tree we sit under, and about what fills us with truth and compassion. When we can hold to that no matter what troubles – or ‘good advice’ – may come our way, then we can find our way to serenity.

I think it’s genius the way Joss Whedon named the ship Serenity in Firefly. Captain Mal’s brand of goodness and compassion may not look like what anyone might expect, but it was true to himself, honest – and so was his path to a life of fullness, personal power, ¬†and, well, Serenity – at least of the Firefly class.