Q&A: Will we get back together?



Q: Will we get back together?

A: I don’t know.

Only you and your ex can answer that. Tarot doesn’t predict the future, or read other people’s minds. It’s a way to learn, a way to find inspiration, a way to access your own good intuition…not some kind of creepy stalker thing to go rummaging through other people’s hearts and minds. End of discussion as far as I’m concerned.

But this is your lucky day – felt pulled to pull a card for you BUT it doesn’t have anything to do with your ex or if you’ll get back together. This card is only intended to help you understand the way things are now, and maybe give you some idea about what direction to go next.

Your card is: Three of Swords.

If you look at the Smith artwork in the Rider Waite Tarot (public domain image via sacred-texts.com), this card makes lots of sense, really.

Your are experiencing heartache. Breakups are heartbreaking things, and this card is acknowledging your hurt, letting you know the universe hears you and understands.

This card is offering you the heart version of that old Zen adage – instead of “only an empty cup can be filled” in this case, only the broken heart can be mended, meaning this is a life lesson, and an important one.

Look at it logically for a minute. You broke up for a reason. SOMEthing happened. Has that changed? Has the trust been repaired? What’s different now? What tiny shred of anything makes you think things would be a tiny bit different if you did get back together? Why would you want to go back to that, whoever was at “fault”?

Better than thinking about getting back together, wouldn’t it be better to think about how this has changed YOU? What have you learned? What do you know now about the kind of relationship you want in your life? What are you able to give – or not give – to a relationship? “you can’t cross the same river twice” they say. You can’t go back, even if you re-start a relationship with the same person. Time has passed, and experiences have passed between you. Don’t think in terms of getting back together…think of starting new, be it with this person or with someone else.

If there is as much heartache as this card hints, why rush back now? Who do you want your partner in romance to be: someone who is whole, happy and strong, or someone emotionally injured, bleeding and needy? It isn’t up to other people to heal you…only you can heal you. What chance would a relationship have (new or re-start either one) if you go into it hurting and half-there? If you want a good new relationship, go into it whole strong and happy…like attracts like. Offer up wounds, you get wounds. Go into it happy, whole, and full of love to give…then chances are greater of attracting the same in to your life, too.

Will you get back together? I dunno. You need to answer that…and answer why you would want to.