Q&A: Will I find love this year


Q: Will I find love this year?

A: You can find love right here, right now, right this second if you let yourself. Love is everywhere, always. Reach out with your mind and heart and it is there. Love between family, love between friend, the food, music, things and places that you love, not to mention the love from spirit guides, guardian angels, and crossed over loved ones: We’re swimming in the stuff if you think about it.

I know, I know…what you are really asking here is if you will become involved in a romantic relationship in the upcoming year. Who knows? Tarot doesn’t predict the future – nothing can.

It takes two to tango – so that means asking about a future relationship also involves the other person in the relationship. Let’s think about that for a minute. I’ve said it a million times – Tarot and intuition can’t read another person’s mind, heart or intentions. Even if it could, I wouldn’t. Put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. You are going along, living life, would you want someone you weren’t involved with yet to go rummaging around in your mind heart and future to know if you were going to hook up? Seems kind of stalker-ish to me. I wouldn’t be comfortable with some random stranger – “psychic” or otherwise, sifting through my feelings and choices and telling another stranger (or ex or what have you) what they found.

Doesn’t sound much like the trust and intimacy needed for a good relationship either.

They key to this is one simple spiritual law: like attracts like.

Think about the kind of romance and relationship you want in your life. Think about the person you are crushing on. What kind of person are they? Are they good for you? Would the two of you make something good together, or are you just jumping into anything to ward off being alone? Are you looking for a relationship because you really care about this person? Even if you haven’t met them yet, why not start really loving and respecting them now?




Like attracts like. To bring a loving, caring awesome person into you life, be loving caring and awesome to the people who are in your life AND, importantly to yourself too. People who are both self-confident and caring, engaged people are pretty darn sexy. To bring something good into your life be irresistable – on a soul level. That’s where the real relationship Velcro is…heart to heart.

Will you find love? Sure. Look inside yourself. Love is there, right here, right now, instantaneously.

Will you find a romantic relationship this year? I don’t know, but finding and feeling the love you have in your heart right now is a fantastic first step.

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