Q&A: The Lovers, The Magician and Romance in Progress


Q: Your old posts about the Lovers card and the Magician card seem to talk about finding a relationship. What if you are already in a relationship and those cards are in a reading?

A: Good question!

Background context does help a message sometimes. Doing readings is a balance when it comes to learning the context and background of the questions brought to us. On one hand, it’s super easy to get way too much information…either the details cause logical thinking to kick in and intuitive thinking gets lost in the process. That’s also how scams work. Some “readers” are very skilled at asking questions, combining the answers with non-verbal cues and logically inferring “psychic” information that seems like “accurate predictions” and the like. That kind of mentalism is a real thing, but not what I want to do. That’s why I specialize in email readings…no chance for me to ask questions, get leading answers or use non-verbal clues…the readings are pure intuition. That’s why I always allow follow up questions after an email reading – to allow an appropriate amount of conversation, get the right context and fine-tune the reading a bit.

But that’s beside the point…back to your question: Lovers and Magician in the context of an existing relationship.

That is one of those times it would help to pull in more context with a question. In this case it would help to know the questioner’s perception of the relationship.

If it is a happy, good relationship, then the message is just as obvious as it seems: the love is magic, it is a dream and desire come true

If the relationship is having issues, then the message would be similar to looking for a soulmate, but instead would be shifted to working with the other person, not so much finding the other person.

Some key questions might be:

What is it you desire for the relationship? Is it being fulfilled, or can it be fulfilled? Is that what the other person wants too? What is their desires? Are your desires and goals similar? If not, is there room for compromise, or a way to fulfill both goals in time? How are your desires making the relationship better? How are they making things more difficult? The other person’s desires? How can you bring magic and fulfillment to the relationship? What place does the relationship have in your life? Thiers?

Relationships are complex, emotional, deep, difficult things. They are big, beautiful, wonderful, vitally important things too, well worth major arcana cards like these – well worth every ounce of thoughtfulness, love and compassion we can bring to them.