Spring / Summer hours

“Modern Oracle” was my first blog, and will always get special treatment. Stay tuned…will be keeping up with the arcana in balance series plus daily meditation readings just as much as humanly possible this spring and summer. I’ll post here before anywhere else, and email readings will get priority. Happy Spring everyone (or Fall, as the case may be 🙂 )


Hours May – August

  • Blogs post weekends and Wednesdays
  • Email tarot readings – still 24/7, no appointment needed…available to anyone with email and the ability to use PayPal
  • In-person readings and parties (Pittsburgh PA area) by appointment only, limited availability May and June. Please contact me for details)
  • Mini-Spa home visits* and holistic health consults / workshops by appointment with limited availability May and June


Mini-Spa home visits are a new feature on my natural health site, http://www.RondaSnow.com. Each visit includes a 7 card tarot reading, aromatherapy spray and your choice of a Reiki session or a bead meditation tutorial.