Tarotbytes: 4 of coins



I know the cards aren’t predictive, but if any of them push that button for me personally it’s the 4 of coins. It brings a sense of happy anticipation, and resonates strongly with the idea of ┬ásimple delights…very much in keeping with the “Merry Monday” series on rondasnow.com. Something about this card always brings a sense of happy anticipation, as if a pleasant little surprise is around the corner. Something simple, like an impulse ice cream cone, or finding a forgotten dollar bill in your pocket…something like that. Some say it a card about wealth or treasure, like winning the lottery – but to my mind it is about the little and intangible things that are far more valuable.

Look for little everyday delights, and they will find you.


P.S. Just a reminder – Posts are going to be scarce the next couple of weeks BUT email readings are available the same as always!