Q&A: Why Don’t They Just Ask Themselves?


Last night’s post about psychics and ethics started a lively Twitter conversation (I’m @ModernOracle  if you want to see it). In talking about getting readings, and finding a psychic you trust to give the reading, one gentleman asked “Why don’t they just ask themselves?” The conversation veered in another direction before we really looked at his question, but I think it deserves a little thought and attention.

Why do we get readings from other people? Why not just ask ourselves what we should do and do it?

My answer is that we should, and we do.

There are two parts to this… discernment and unity.

In my experience, the vast, vast majority of people seeking a reading are looking to Tarot because they are at their wits end and “asking themselves” just isn’t cutting it. They need fresh ideas and inspiration or they wouldent be there in the first place. Sometimes we all need a hand figuring things out. Nobody is perfect, and no one knows everything. It is like that advertisement for BASF “No one knows everything, but we all know a little something. When those little somethings come together…magic happens”. The same is true of psychic readings. No one can intuit anything and everything. But we all have intuition and ‘psychic ability’. Putting together the little somethings that both psychic and sitter bring to the reading table makes magic.

By far most people do ask themselves and do so first and foremost…going to readings when “asking themselves” just isn’t enough.

In some cases (not the majority of people who come to me for readings by any means) a person gives up their judgement and discernment. They abdicate their reason, logic, choice and turn it over to the psychic. That is a different story. If that is the case, the role of the psychic is to remind them to “ask themselves” not shovel wrote answers or empty platitudes. It’s harder work for the psychic to do…but I find that if you provide people with the right questions TO ask themselves, they happily will and discover their inner wisdom in the process.

So there you have discernment…knowing when you are out of answers and need a hand from a reading IS asking yourself, and asking yourself first, way before getting a reading.

Second, and most important,  there is the idea of unity. The sitter, the reader, the cards, the table, the cosmos…are all part of one unified WHOLEness.  While that may be a matter of philosophy up for debate by some – I’m not getting into that debate. I work from a perspective of unity, not duality. We are a connected part of the greater whole, which is why readings work in the first place. It is also why it doesn’t matter what “oracle” you use: cards, tea leaves, palm lines, runes, cold readings, readings you do yourself, readings from another person, or just sitting and thinking. They all simply serve as a way for you to access your own intuition. They are all just ways to help you listen to your own heart. Nothing more, nothing less – and that connection to your inner voice is a wonderful thing. When you get a reading you ARE asking yourself. You and the psychic are part of the same energy milieu of the Cosmos. When you get a reading you ARE asking yourself because YOU are the one who decides what reading to get, what psychic to see, what you think about the reading, how it makes you feel, and most of all what YOU do with the information from the reading!

So ask yourself? Yes – people do all the time. Instinctively, it is easier to just answer your own question and get to solving it, without the extra step and hassle of getting a reading.

At the end of your rope and need a little help – yes, by all means get a reading. When you do, you are still asking yourself because we are all in this together. Readings are a team effort, not an ego-filled pronouncement from one person to another.

We are all in this together – literally.



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