Q&A: What does the 2 of Wands mean in a soulmate reading?



Q: What does the 2 of Wands mean in a soulmate reading?

A: Hard to say without know a few more details, especially what the “soulmate reading” entails, if it was a one-card reading, what position it was in if it was a multi-card reading – things like that.

But for our purposes here, let’s look at it as if it is a one-card meditation about finding your soulmate and bringing a long-term love into your life. To save some repetition, a good place to start would be the “how to find your soulmate” page for the basics that could apply to any reading on that topic.

The Two of Wands in particular has a whole cart load of possible meanings. Right now, that old Phil Collins song “you can’t hurry love” is screaming at me. The suite of wands in general has to do with your inner world, personal growth, your relationship with self, essentially. 2 often denotes balance and harmony…so I would connect that to the idea of being happy with yourself, by yourself…like attracts like, and the best way to attract a loving, happy, self-actualized capable-of-great-love person is to BE loving, strong, happy – right here, right now, with you. Diane Morgan reads the 2 of wands as “actionless action” which is a phrase from Taoism. It hints at going with the flow, yes, but it differs from the 7 of swords “yielding” in a couple of ways. The 2 of wands has more of a “comfortable in your skin” self-actualized, autonomous feel to it. Letting things be as they are is key… and you’ll know you are in the right frame of mind when you feel like “it is what it is” and letting things be as they are is no big deal…things being as they are is ‘no skin off my nose’ as the old saying goes. Actionless action has two aspects more than just rolling with the flow… it accepts things as they are, yes, but also accepts that things as they are is OK…sort of going with the flow mixed with ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. ┬áIf you are strong and confident, and happy, and balanced, and content with yourself and with your life, then all that flowing and not-fixing is a fine way to go about things. The feeling I get is whatever point in time you find that mind-set, that confidence and happiness…that will be the time and place when you will begin to know who that soulmate is.

Best Wishes!