Tarotbytes: Ace of Coins




Symbiosis is one thing – greed is another. Allowing an energy of abundance to enter your life encompasses many things that our culture values and calls ‘good’: love, happiness, compassion, feeling gratitude – in addition to having physical needs met. Abundance is a mind-set of appreciation, empowerment, being in this moment…not just over-much physical possessions. You can feel enriched without being wealthy. “mo’ money, mo’ problems”, “enough is as good as a feast”. That sort of comfort is very different than a predatory taking from others more than you need.

Goodness or greed exists in the heart, quite independent of bank account totals.


Thank you to everyone who has been so generous in their gifts in exchange for readings. The “pay what you want” gift exchange special on e-mail readings has been extended until the end of August. It has been a lesson of trust and working together for me. 

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