Tarotbytes: 7 of swords



I hope you are watching “Cosmos”. I like to think the world is filled with people who agree with the vision of Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Dr Tyson, Adam Savage and the like. Rationally, I know not everyone likes that kind of thing…nothing is for everyone – including Tarot. But like George Carlin said “I can dream can’t I?”

In the words of Cosmos, in talking about climate vs weather “keep you your eye on the man not the dog”…which is the part that can by analogy extend to today’s card. Dr. Tyson walked in a straight line down a beach, while a dog on a long leash walked with him, albeit in side trips, circles…doggie was exploring all around, not walking the straight line. (The doggie looked like he was having a blast, actually, all happy and tail-wagging…there is a lesson there, too, I think)

But here’s the analogy…we are the man. Life is like the dog, taking unexpected turns. That is why we say “keep your eyes on the prize”. ¬†Look at the progress the pair made down the beach, not the individual aberrations of the dogs path, or even the individual steps of the man.

That isn’t to say, the steps don’t need some attention and, more importantly intent on the part of the man. As we walk along the beach, we make choices and set our intentions. We can either walk toward our goal with purpose, or get pulled off course by every bump and bobble life brings. I have a hunch that a good life – a good walk on the beach has a bit of both. If we just walk in a regimented straight line, we might miss pretty shells, better paths not evident at the outset, all kinds of nifty stuff. By the same token if we meander all over the place with no attention or focus at all, we never get down the beach or to where we intended to go.

The seven of swords card, however, is neither man nor canine. It’s the leash…when we get too far off course, or linger too long at some nifty thing or another… this card is our soul / guides / spirit / higher dimensional self ¬†giving us a little tug on the leash to let us know we are heading in an unhelpful direction. It isn’t judgmental or belittling…just a nudge to say “nah…bad idea, try this way instead.”

On the other hand, if we already know we are on a not-so-hot direction or in a not-so-great place in life, this card is a reminder to follow the leash…get back to a more cosmic perspective, to go back to a middle road, go find somebody who knows where the heck they’re going – do SOME thing to regain your bearings, which MOST of the time has to do with getting a bigger picture view. Look at the problem from the perspective of, well, the Cosmos. Think of it as the seven swords pointing toward the tower…the tower being a way to find the bigger perspective needed when things seem lost or chaotic.

If you are a Cosmos fan, or see the beautiful side of science…I suggest checking out www.symphonyofscience.com. My favorite is “We Are All Connected”. Thanks to poet/photographer/artist Sahm King for cluing me into the awesome.