Oracles are older than science.

Granted, the Oracle at Delphi is right in there with early genius like Aristarchus or Archimedes, but spiritual practices (burial rites and what have you) not only predate science, they predate written history itself.

Whenever I say “predictions are impossible” the first push-back is “what about the time…”  There are times when a psychic has, with great accuracy foretold something the sitter thought was impossible. From that person’s point of view, the prediction is less impossible than the thing that happened. What of those times? How can I say ‘predictions are impossible’ when those things have happened?

Probability, that’s how.

Intuition lets us master probability – not possibility.Intuition can help us find the more probable choice. It can help us find the wiser and more compassionate choice too.  Leaving spirituality and philosophy aside, let’s focus on science and psychics. There is a difference between possible and probable, and it’s an important one to our topic.

To help understand that difference I suggest either reading Dr. Micheo Kaku’s book “Parallel Worlds” and/or watching the BBC special based on the book “Parallel Universes”. Both are excellent, highly respected, and very understandable even to a non-scientist.

Yes, anything is possible. As Dr. Kaku points out in the special, it is theoretically possible you could suddenly disappear where you stand and then re-materialize across the street a split second later – BUT is is also highly improbable. You’d have to wait a long, long time for something like that to happen.  The classic example is if you give enough monkeys enough typewriters and enough time, one of them is going to write Hamlet.

Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz “Laika Come Home” – cool album if you like Gorillaz or raggae

As entertaining of a mental image as it might be, I don’t want to offend anyone by comparing we psychics to a roomful of monkeys with typewriters even as I sit here … bwahahahah… typing on a keyboard myself.  Have enough psychics making enough predictions over a long enough time and eventually a couple are going to come true. Statistically, that is what’s happening – in part.

Nothing is that simple. There are other factors at play in a reading. Selective memory & selective attention are very human, very understandable, very common phenomena. People (bless them) tend to remember the “hits” more than they remember the “misses”. I suspect there are two simple neurological reason for that process. First, the “hits” are just more useful. They come to mind more than one time during the reading.  The “hits” are brought to top-of-mind again later when they seem to be true, and by virtue of simple repetition, gain a longer-term memory pathway. The “misses” are dismissed right away, not thought of again, and jettisoned with other daily minutiae. The second reason for remembering hits, I suppose, is pure pleasure principle. There is emotional attachment to the ‘hits’ and a certain gratification to being “in the know” ahead of an event. That positive emotional feedback makes psychic “hits” more memorable.

Another factor is called self-fulfilling prophecy. While I don’t get to see this unfold real-time during a reading the way you can with selective attention, I have a hunch self-fulfilling prophecy is also a very common phenomena in psychic predictions. The prediction plants an idea in the sitter’s mind, that they later choose, either consciously or unconsciously. They have that particular outcome in the back of their mind and will do things to get it. In other words, they will consciously or unconsciously create the cause that leads to the predicted effect.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is precisely the reason I will never make predictions. Sure, I’ll talk about hunches, options, different possibilities, even probabilities…but never, never certainty or outright prediction. Predictions plant a choice-robbing idea, puts thinking on auto-pilot, impairs decision making and discourages personal growth. I want to inspire choices, support personal growth, show other options, think outside the box – all things that predictions can never do.

As the name of this blog implies, there is no conflict between modern, rational thinking and current science. The problem comes when we ask – or expect – Tarot to do silly irrational things that it was never intended or able to do. Predicting the future with Tarot cards is impossible. Using Tarot cards learn, grow, navigate a complex world, deal with upset emotions and tap into the same human intellect that created science in the first place…THAT is not only possible, but it is probable and a beautiful thing.