Q&A: What is a lucky day to take my test?

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You don’t pound nails with a socket wrench.

It pays to have the right tool for the right job. Sometimes, the right tool is logic, not intuition. Even within the realm of intuition, oracles and oracle tools (like Tarot or playing cards) – some techiniques work better for some questions than others. Within the realm of psychics and intuitive readers, we all have different styles, philosophies, talents, strong suites and shortcomings.

Between all that, there is immense opportunity to customize your reading experience. It isn’t that one thing or another is wrong, inaccurate, unethical or generally bogus…it’s just that not every tool, technique or person does every single thing. To paraphrase that BASF advertisement…no one knows everything but we all know a little something, and when you put all those little somethings together great things can happen.

The trick is know what intuitive little something is the best something for any given question or problem. That is where good old fashioned wisdom and experience comes in.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a few questions about “lucky days” for taking a test or what have you. Every time it has been from someone focused on the physical-realm results. They weren’t asking about  internal confidence and energy flow. Every single time it was a young person looking for an easy way out of  a test they weren’t ready to take.

In my opinion, asking that of Tarot is pounding a nail with a socket wrench. First, if you are focused on the outcome of the test…it doesn’t matter what day you take it. Intuition or a reading is functionally irrelevant. Picking which day you take a test isn’t possible for most people and most tests ANYway. So if you have the luxury of that kind of control, don’t waste it on psychic readings…use logic and pick a day when you can be most prepared, most rested, and at your best from a practical standpoint. Period.  Taking tests, especially important ones, is solidly a matter of study, work and preparation. No amount of luck is going to help if you haven’t studied, or stay up too late or what have you.

The most a lucky day can do is help you find a time when your energy  is maybe a little more up to the challenge of the test or whatever activity you have in mind. That feeling is easily off set by bad habits…and the advantage is easily replicated by solid preparation and a good night’s sleep. Lucky days can help a little, but it isn’t that major either, especially in day to day things like this.

Even if you are looking for lucky days for the right reason, tarot still is not the best tool for the job.

That “in the flow” “lucky” feel has to do with energy…that’s why it is so internal, so emotional, so metaphysical … and not external, physical, test taking and job seeking help.

The best way to understand that energy flow…chi as it is called in China…is Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. By using details about your birthday, right down to time of day and time zone, it is very tuned in to your individual needs. There is no hard science behind it, obviously, just mellinia of observation and subjective information gathering. If you would like to explore Feng Shui Elements, try http://www.chinesehoroscopeonline.com and find your lucky element, then look at the chart for “five elements for fifteen days”…days that have a high number under your lucky element (the element you are lacking in your birth chart). Watch it for a few weeks and see if it works for you…does the ebb and flow of the elements match what you yoursefl feel as far as the ebb and flow of intuition and subtle energy in you life?

Today is a good personal example. Today is all metal…my lucky element. BUT because of an unexpected schedule change, I was WAY short on sleep this morning and felt, well, pretty gnarly. If I had tried to do something important earlier this morning on the basis of it being an auspicious day for me I’d be screwed, to put it politely.

BUT by having a nap and a good breakfast, the physical needs have been met, and intuitively (spiritually, internally) I can feel the good vibes, I feel the chi flow, and it is good. You know?

Long story short, finding auspicious days can be helpful as a confidence booster, or as an aid to intuition / decision making BUT the effects are subtle, esoteric and easily masked if you don’t do the practical logical work you need to do.

Either way, Tarot isn’t the best choice for finding that kind of energy flow, while feng shui and Chinese Astrology are expert at it.

To learn more about Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, I recommend Roseline Delieu at www.fengshuisteps.wordpress.com or Bill Hadju at www.onlinechineseastrology.com