Tarotbytes: King of Wands



Like Socrates said “I drank what?”

Ok, that’s actually a quote from one of my favorite movies “Real Genius”, but in a sense it really is a valuable notion. Socrates is actually credited with the famous saying “Know Thyself”. Both apply to the King of Wands today.

The King is in charge of our inner world, in other words, self-control. But as we see in real life politics, a ruler detached from the needs and realities of those governed tend not to rule for long…or not get elected in the first place, as the case may be.

The same is applicable in our inner world. If we value honesty, then we must know ourselves in order to live authentically – honestly. Knowing our nature lets us work with it honestly to either be bravely true to it or to nudge it in a better direction. Emerson said “The greatest gift is a portion of yourself”. Be your true self in all of your glory, faults, quirks, joys and sorrows.

If there is something about yourself that you aren’t happy about, it is yours to treat as honestly or deceptively as you wish. You can’t treat an addiction if you don’t know/admit you have it. You can’t go on a diet if you don’t know / acknowledge you are overweight. You can’t be honest with yourself (and everyone else) about who you really are if you yourself don’t know.

Existing in a state of constant emotional and intellectual dissonance can be a conflicted, uncomfortable way to live. It can catch up with you and leave you saying “I drank what?” The King of Wands reminds us that knowing yourself and dealing honestly with yourself ┬álets you be honest with others, do what you need to do to be happier, celebrate who you are, nudge things toward more pleasing directions and hopefully avoid a few “I drank what?” moments in your inner / spiritual life.