Tarotbytes: Page of Cups


My mentor Joy Star taught us about “psychic attention”…if something in a room or on a card when you are doing a reading grabs your attention…especially to an extent over and above the norm…give whatever-it-is the attention it is grabbing. It is a valid, meaningful part of the overall message, roll with it. It’s a very Jungian notion, essentially syncronicity in action. It may be coincidental the whatsis is there, and that it is capturing your attention. When coincidences like that seem meaningful, they are.

That’s how it was with today’s card. Just couldn’t get past the idea of a fish in a cup giving some dude the hairy eyeball. (Anyone else ear-worm-ing on that odd song from the 70s with roly-poly fish heads?)

Some days are just like that. Not that you literally get in a stare-eyes contest with a herring, but some days have that edge of the absurd sort of vibe. Just one of those funky-mojo kinds of days.

Today was one of those. For my audacity for going to the grocery store to get a few necessities, was rewarded with seeing one fender bender and two other near misses (one of which was the jagoff* who took the rolling left off the stop sign right in front of me, when I didn’t have a stop…except for the screeching one I had to do to avoid hitting you, ms gold tone SUV).

And cup ‘O fish was the card I pulled after the adventure was over.

All other interpretations of the card aside, in today’s context, the message is clearly something seafood related.

Actually, I think it is a clear reminder to not take life too seriously, with a slightly different take than the ‘remember to play’ meaning sometimes attached to the Fool from the major arcana. This is more of a ‘life is weird, enjoy the ride’. It is totally a roll with it, and abide, be Zen, and as Big Lebowski Dude about it as you can muster. Days like these, break out the flip-flops, fire up the Bob Marley and just be grateful you don’t have a fish staring at you.

Life is a comedy of the absurd sometimes. Don’t forget to laugh at it.

*one meaning: irresponsible driver – for a full translation of the Pittsburghese, please visit www.yajagoff.com