Tarotbytes: The Devil



It’s not something you want to think about on a beautiful sunny summer morning like this…but perhaps that is the whole point of it. Dark exists. Evil exists. Greed, arrogance, pain, murder, war, crime, assault…every conceivable human wrongdoing…exists. This is nothing more that a statement of fact, a reality that demands simple acknowledgement at the very least. Ignoring or denying such things is as absurd as denying the existence of shade under a tree on a bright sunny day. It is absurd, naive and vulnerable to do so. If we don’t recognize that suffering exists, then we do nothing to alleviate it. If we don’t acknowledge that a danger exists, we do nothing to prepare for it. Pragmatism is protective.


Image: Mephistopheles by Sahm Ataine King, used with permission. Sahm is a brilliant poet, artist, photographer – and book cover designer! Please check out the brilliance at http://sahmataineking.com/


**”Arcana in Balance” series is going on summer vacation. Look for its return in August.