Thank you, whoever you are!




Someone searched the blog with “Carl Sagan and Reiki”. Thank you.

Seeing those words together on a page with “Tarot” put me right in my wheelhouse…my great loves in one place.

Some might say they are unrelated. I say everything is part of, well, everything so they are part of the one unified whole of … you guessed it…everything. Tarot, Carl Sagan, and Reiki have common threads.

The reason I call this blog and my style of Tarot “Modern Oracle” is because I believe we can take a modern, reasonable approach to the spiritual and the mystical. We really can be part of both…it isn’t either / or, life is connected, one, all-of-the-above.

I’ll spare you the long winded rant about that and save it for the book.

I look at it as a toolkit approach. You don’t use a hammer to fix the screw that popped out of your eyeglasses. You don’t use a tiny little screwdriver to drive a nail. That is the one thing I agree with from the Old Testament…there is a time and a place for everything, within the grand scheme of, you know, everything.

When you get right down to it, Intuition, Science, Mainstream Medicine and Holistic Health are all the same…they are all helpful, valid, ways of understanding the grand “everything”…the Cosmos in which we live. They are all different facets of the same greater whole, they are different lenses on the same universe.

Astronomy, the science, is a perfect example. First we had only naked eye observations. Then came telescopes for visible light. Then came radio telescopes, x-ray telescopes, particle collectors, ultraviolet and microwave observations…

Does that mean the old naked eye observations are “fake” or “superstitious” or wrong because they didn’t know about Pluto? No.

Does that mean modern logic is wrong for pointing out that astrology can’t predict the future? No.

Science is a way of understanding the universe and expressing that understanding. Poetry is a way of understanding the human experience and expressing that understanding. The same is true of Tarot. Science is one way of healthier living (yay vaccines, antibiotics and clean water systems!). The same is true of Reiki. Once uses chemistry, the other the mind-body connection…both with their pros and cons, both with their strengths and weaknesses, each with a role to play in dealing with the challenges of life in a human body.

Tarot and intuition can’t absolutely predict the future…neither can science. The ability to predict outcomes is the test of a scientific theory…not a quality of the scientific method itself. The ability to advise our choices and help us cope with difficult emotions is the proof of psychic work as a useful tool….not a quality inherent to psychism itself. Both science and psychism are the tools and playthings of the human heart and mind, while neither have any power or validity extant on their own. You don’t use psychic readings to solve a logical problem any more than you use that tiny screwdriver to pound a nail. You don’t use science to guide an intimate, emotional relationship any more than you use a hammer to fix your glasses. You don’t use Reiki to set a broken bone, nor do you use a plaster cast to ease chronic stress.

There is poetry and beauty in science. Great scientific communicators like Ann Druyan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Micheo Kaku, Bill Nye and many others have shown us that.  There is reason and logic in psychic work. Ted Andrews and others have shown us that, too. They are all part of the great wholeness of everything. They are all part of the Cosmos, just like Tarot, Reiki and Carl Sagan.