Q&A: How do you know you are “in tune”?




Q: How do you know you are in tune to the reading when you work over the computer?

A: Not sure what “in tune” really means … all I ever do is look and listen to intuition.

It doesn’t matter if the reading comes from your name on a computer screen or sitting across a table from you …intuition isn’t tied to normal time or space anyway. It’s symbolic and abstract, not a specific what, where or when. There is no ‘tune’ to be in…intuition is everywhere, all the time, and all anyone has to do is open up to it, no special tuning required. There is no “accurate” because it is all about ideas, advice, and guidance…not saying what will happen. Like you for example…the reading didn’t say outright that shifting from XXX job to YYY job was going to be good or bad…but it did acknowledge your fear and anxieties about the change.  The reading suggested that the way to deal with those concerns is to focus less on material “success” as it was defined in XXX and focus on the balance, love, and family that YYY can provide. Readings aren’t about saying “do X” or “do Y”…see the difference??

Intuition is difficult to describe…in fact, that’s all I think “psychic gifts” really are…some people are particularly skilled at translating that abstract, symbolic intuition that we all have into a more user-friendly, word-and-logic form.

Think of satellite radio.

Satellites have a different, almost ‘otherworldly’ perspective. From orbit, the satellite can see the whole country all in one go. It just beams the signal all over the place, all the time. It doesn’t care what state you are in, if you are inside or outside, or what kind of TV you have. All you have to do is turn on the receiver and pick up the signal. Intuition is like the satellite signal. Intuition is independent from space and time the same way that a live rock concert is independent from a 24 hour satellite radio station. The concert happens at a specific time and in a specific place…the radio station is outside of time a place…it is always and everywhere…and it almost never advertises rock concerts.

Predictions are badly advertised rock concerts. Intuition, Tarot readings, psychic readings…they are satellite radio helping you decide which rock concert you want to attend.

I’m liking this…let’s continue with this technology based analogy….

We are all satellite radio receivers. Some of us are analog, with low range speakers. Some of us are digital high def with subwoofers. But we all can hear the music.

Not everyone wants to spend the time and effort to upgrade to high def…so get readings instead of learn to give them. And that is perfectly fine. I don’t want to learn to change the oil in my car, or fix the plumbing in my house. We each have our skills and tools…mine is writing and doing Tarot readings. Thank goodness for you and your skills.

That is why we talk about “spirit” and “energy” rather than dates and addresses. The intuitive perspective…as innate and instinctive as it is…just doesn’t deal with those kinds of detail. Intuition is only concerned about the biggest of the “big picture” issues. We all want minutae and (comparatively) trivial detail…we want to know the exact day, time, and place of a rock concert. Intuition only knows that it will happen sometime, somewhere on Earth…IF the band and everyone decides to show up…but here is why you should try to see that band…

Readings aren’t about specific answers and prediction…they are about higher guidance, the bigger perspective, the general direction. The details are up to us.



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