The Thinning Veil

What follows is a newsletter by my dear friend and mentor, Joy Star. As I was reading it, I got a sense of urgency, as if this is much-needed message right now. What she says here is a perfect match for my own experience, some of which happened before I met Joy. From where I sit, she is teaching a deep truth here. 

It is often said that “the veil is thin” in autumn, particularly between the autumnal equinox (in a couple of weeks) and the winter solstice, with the ‘thinnest’ point being at Halloween. 

When people talk about the “veil being thin” it doesn’t mean ghosts and goblins hob-nobbing around the neighborhood, although that is part of the ancient roots of the end-of-harvest/Samhain/Halloween celebrations. What it really is talking about is energy, or the energy environment. This time of year is just conducive to learning about subtle, quiet-energy things like spirit guides or after-death communication. Think of it as hitting a nice patch of pavement on your spiritual journey, where it is flat and nice…it’s just plain a little easier to begin working with spirit guides (or to reconnect with them) at this time of year. Why? I don’t know. But I do know from experience that it is a natural as the earth spinning on its orbit…and from my frame of reference, just as real. Enjoy the newsletter.

Transcendent Union With Spirit Guides

by Joy Star

This week I’m writing about the transcendent union with Spirit Guides.  And that involves surrender of control and recognizing communication when it happens (it’s usually subtle, delicate and sometimes indirect).  And it requires, first of all, belief—for you to be a believer.

“Do you believe in us?  We believe in you.” –I heard that often at the start of my psychic development journey.  They’d also often say things like, “Tell them about us.  They should know we are here; we exist.” 

One has to be willing to share a very intimate and secret world with another, with a Spirit Guide.  So, first to all, sharing is very important to creating a reality together.  It’s much like catching up with your best friend every day—your partner.  In this case, a spiritual partner… a connection with the spiritual very significant ‘other’ so-to-speak that extends beyond individual self-interest.

If you talk to your Spirit Guides often and feel appreciation for them, telling them how important they are to you, you will find that this has a direct effect on the fulfillment of your connection.

One has to be aware with spirit communication of timing and the importance of it—or perhaps better said, lack of importance.  A person has to be willing to wait for the right moment for the Spirit Guide to respond to you—and they can’t get through when you are being needy or pushy or clingy or any of those other co-dependent words.  That type of energy blocks the connection like in any relationship.

It can be very hard to wait and one of the most difficult aspects of psychic development practice; patience is a skill for building any long-term relationship.  Just stay conscious of your purpose and intention to develop a relationship with your inner guide.

Many people are impatient and question their own beliefs about esoteric and abstract communication and connection.   How much of this can be proven or validated to others?  It doesn’t have to be!  YOU are the one that nurtures your own beliefs and your own spirit guide relationships.

When you desire to develop a connection to the spirit world, it is a time of surrendering conscious control—what I mean is to be able to surrender enough to be able to go with the energy you feel around you.  Stop questioning and demanding validations!

If you have already committed yourself to having a relationship with a guide, further intimacy and merging of consciousness cannot happen if you have not learned how to surrender.   I’m talking about a worthy effort—one that when accomplished will spark all the creative forces within you.

Intimate connections with spirit guides break down barriers to connections but that takes consistency and a certain amount of devotion on your part.

There is a type of personality death that occurs in the merging process …. This occurs in human relationship connections all the time… think of marriage.  With spirit guide relationships there is a definite merging that becomes a delicate transformation; it is a mystical experience in which your separate identity becomes interchangeable, fused with the guide.

I think it was Joseph Campbell who referred to marriage as the “little death” as two become one.  So merging with a spirit guide is in a sense the death of the individual but in its place there comes the feeling of the connection with eternity, immortality.

The two of you become a channel through which the universe can create itself and your hidden gifts and talents emerge.


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