Well, THAT was easy

The reading examples on the site are already updated with the public domain card images that are coming to the individual email card readings…the only change is that the readings you get by email will be an attachment instead of in the email body… hopefully that will make it easier for you to save/download/upload to the cloud or google drive/print/ignore…whatever you choose to do with the reading. I’m all for the archive / save for later thing. It gives you more value for your reading $ if you hold on to it and see if & how it unfolds for you over time. Sometimes it takes a while for a reading to “digest” so to speak and for the dots to connect and things to make sense. It’s not about seeing if predictions come true, it’s about getting even more navigational ideas as you learn the road. Sometimes driving directions don’t make full sense until you get to the turn you need to make.

Anyway: good news. Card graphics come to email readings effective immediately

More good news: there are still several hours left on the gift exchange special. It goes until midnight eastern (USA)

Even better news: the website is back up and all is as before…bookmark http://www.ModernOracleTarot.com for all your reading needs

Best news: Episode 3 of Menage A Tarot “Ghost in the Machine” is up on www.MenageATarot.com and iTunes