Tarot cards, runes, tea leaves, palm lines…they are just tools. They are the knob that opens the door to intuition and…as is represented by the two of swords…our deep connection to the universe, the multi-verse, the all-that-is. The most potent guidance is the kind that comes from within yourself, raw and unfiltered. Finding that connection is sometimes a razors edge…too much reality, and the logical mind can mute the deepest understanding and truth. Too much imagination, and flights of fantasy softens our touch to reality and thus our ability to manifest our highest and best. Tools like Tarot and so on can help us find and maintain that balance.

With practice, barring medical problems, most of us can learn extra physical balance…we can learn to ride bicycles, juggle, even ride unicycles and walk tightropes. The same is true of intuitive balance. With practice we can strengthen our connection to the esoteric, improve our spiritual sensitivities. It is no accident that this is a card of swords. Spiritual growth is a warriors activity of practice, courage, trust, intuition…and a balancing dose of pragmatism. The reward is a mystical unity, a connection to greater cosmos that is nothing short of magic.


That’s the balance beam that I’m walking this morning. I know how this looks, and I wouldn’t believe me either. I know, I know…this looks like some half-baked marketing ploy and I wouldn’t believe me either if I were you.

I had every intention in the world of returning #PeaceTarot to its original #1.99 price. I wanted to do right by the time I spent writing it when I could have / should have been doing other things.But I’ve changed my mind. However dodgy it may look to the outside world, the warrior’s choice is clear…keep the price low.

Was talking via twitter with Brett Dinalli, author of the excellent “Jimmy the Buddha” series of books, about his pricing decisions. His books are, trust me, worth way more than what he’s charging (go amazon, buy them, read them…you’ll be glad you did). At that moment I knew what I had to do. I had to keep #PeaceTarot at $0.99.  But no, I’d been yammering for months that this was a “summer special” so ethics said to keep my word and honestly the few extra pennies would be nice.

Then I heard about the military activity in Syria on the news last night. Right or wrong, be it a warrior’s defense in protection of lives against aggressors (as it seems to be this time) or naked unwarranted aggression (as it was with the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq) –  violence is violence. News reports like that are the exact, precise reason that I wrote #PeaceTarot in the first place. Even if it just one person, one mind, one moment, if #PeaceTarot brings a sense of hope or peace of mind…then that makes every minute of writing the book worth it.

Think of it as a marketing ploy if you want, but #PeaceTarot is staying at $0.99.

I would be honored if you would give it a try, or at least allow yourself a moment filled with peace of mind today.