Yes / No Tarot and Predictions

There are some ideas that are so basic, so essential to the way I do Tarot that it is worth revisiting them every now and then.

My main goal in doing readings is to help people…to make tough times just that tiny bit more bearable through inspiration, empowerment, and creative problem solving. Readings let you know the Universe feels your pain and helps you see ways out of it that you might not think of on your own. Tarot is a tool for healing, problem solving, learning and growing. That’s a good thing.

Another goal is to bring Tarot out from under the layer of superstition that covers it and let it shine as a folk art, and folk healing. Holistic healing, as is famously known, addresses mind, body and spirit: the whole person. In America, lots of people are jumping on the Holistic bandwagon as far as body-health goes using “natural” things in a mainstream “modern medicine”  way…but no one is really addressing true holistic needs. Natural doesn’t mean Holistic. You can use raw herbs in an Allopathic (modern medicine) way, and you can use third generation pharmaceuticals and still be holistic.  Meanwhile mind & emotions are still secondary and the spiritual is all but ignored. Things like tarot that  can help the mind-body connection or address the spiritual aspects of health are still seen as rip-offs and snake oil. We might want “natural” ways to care for the body, but the spirit is still thrown under the bus of modern medicine.

It is time for the reasonable to embrace the spiritual. And it is time to see that spiritual does not have to be unreasonable.

It is time for Tarot to grow up and join the 21st century.

If Tarot isn’t accepted as a reasonable thing, it is just as much the fault of those who propagate the “woo woo”, ridiculous, and superstitious as it is of the hard line “science” zealots. If you talk to anyone who has done real, professional intuitive work for any amount of time, you get the same story. It’s not about predicting the future. It’s about becoming a better person, making better person, seeing options. Maybe I’m just talking to people who think like me….but on the other hand, the internet is letting psychics and Tarot readers meet, talk and network like never before. There are more of us who work this way than I originally thought back in the 90s when I first picked up a deck.

Ok, there you have my favorite rant. Read this blog for more than five minutes and you’ll see it several times. That’s the brainy philosophy part. Let’s get on to the spelled-out, rubber meeting the road part.scales

Yes/No readings: They are the thumb on the scales of decision making. It isn’t the right thing for really BIG life altering decisions. No rational person would base a truly important decision on a tarot reading, yes/no spread or otherwise.  For example, you wouldn’t use tarot to decide to buy a car, or even which make, model or other technical things. But if you are torn between the silver paint and the blue, why not? The more complex spreads can help us understand and deal with emotional, stressful, complex situations. The yes/no reading is for tipping the scales in small, trivial decisions OR just for plain fun and chuckles. That’s because the yes/no reading can’t really be untied from the outdated notion of predicting the future. As such, it can’t really be taken all that seriously. BUT not-serious has its place in stress relief. Fun is an important human activity…and so the yes/no reading remains a part of the Modern Oracle. We have to keep it in perspective though.

Predictions, on the other hand, don’t have a place here at all to my way of thinking. Especially if you are reading for someone else. Again, look at the big picture, the context, and the proper perspective.

If we as Tarot – readers make a pronouncement of what will happen (“accurate” or not) we are not empowering or helping our client…we are planting a seed of OUR vision of the future…a very selfish, ego-driven thing to do. If we want to help people as much as we say we do, wouldn’t it be far better to help them find THEIR vision of the future? Predictions assume a fate, or a power outside of ourselves, or separate from ourselves. I believe we are a seamless part of everything. We are a connected part of the whole entire everything. The big enchilada and us…same thing. Because of that immersion our choices make our future. Our choices navigate where we go in among the infinity of possibilities. It isn’t our job as readers to tell another person where they will end up as if their lives were out of their control…it is our job to help them navigate in the direction they want to go. It’s our job to lift people up, open up possibilities, not doom them to one narrow vision. The universe is so much bigger and more wonderful than that. Predictions blind us to the beauty and wonder of all those possibilities. We should help our clients see the wonder, not blind them too it.

That’s why predictions suck.

That’s why yes/no readings are just for fun and small decision helps…like all those Stanley Cup predictions that I got just plain wrong (although I still think the Pens should win every Cup ever…good luck this season guys!)

Now that you know what yes/no readings are all about…FUN and little things NOT big issues and NEVER predictions…I’m offering a Halloween special on yes/no readings.

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