Love, Romance, Relationships and Tarot

“Love” readings…meaning a romantic relationship….is one of the most common reading requests. As it should be. Intimate relationships of all kinds are THE most important things in lift to my way of thinking. They are so important that Tarot should never be the only way of understanding a relationship. Respect, trust, compassion and Love all important. Intuition has its part to play, certainly. Relationships are one thing where reason and logic have have only a small, peripheral roll. Relationships are in the realm of the heart, with only a touch of good sense at a few key places.

When it comes to relationships, logic often comes from a source outside of yourself, and usually only when there are problems.  When things are right, things couldn’t be clearer, no logic required.  The same is true of intuition, although that is more internal. When there is a problem, our inner compass spins from hopes and emotions. When things are good, you know it…no question.

What that means is, that I never get a request to read a relationship that is going well.

It also means that the reading…being from outside of you…is going to be full of logic and tough love. Often relationship readings tell us exactly what we DON’T want to hear, because if what we want and hope was working…then we wouldn’t be looking for a reading in the first place. Relationship readings are tough to hear…and to do.

Relationship readings walk a fine ethical line in my opinion. I respect your privacy and dignity when I read for you – and I will always show that same respect toward the person you are asking about too. Period. Full stop. No compromise. Respect, privacy and dignity for everybody whether they are asking for the reading or not.

The other problem with relationship questions is they are often rooted in the incorrect notion that a reading can somehow predict the future or predict what another person feels or predict what another person will do…it can’t. The future is predicated on your choices AND theirs. You can’t control the other person…but you can control what you do with your feelings and your circumstances. You create your future that way…Tarot can’t predict it. Between issues of privacy and a pervasive expectation of ‘accurate predictions‘, relationship readings are tricky to do to say the least.

I ask everyone who sends one of those “when will I get married” “will we get together / get back together” kinds of questions to consider this: How would YOU feel if  your love interest/EX asked a stranger from the internet to look at your deepest thought, hopes, feelings and intentions…then report it back to you love interest/EX … all behind your back and without your permission??

Does that feel as creepy, stalker-ish, unhealthy and selfish to you as it does to me? Would you feel violated if you learned that had happened? If you do, why would you do that to another person? Don’t you trust them?  If you don’t trust them enough to have an emotionally charged conversation with them, how can you trust them enough to have a serious love relationship with them?? Could you love and trust them if they asked a psychic behind your back about you?

See what I mean? If a relationship is going well, you don’t need or want a reading.. Like the Oracle from the movie the “Matrix” said…”it’s like being in love. You just know it, balls to bones”. If there are so many problems in a relationship that you need to turn to a source outside yourself for guidance and advice, then there is more than a 50-50 chance that advice is going to come back at you with hard logic and harsh truth. When there are reassurances, I give them. If there are tough questions to be asked, I ask them. When it comes to love and romance….sometimes it makes us so angry  to hear the truth. I had a reading like that many, many years ago. The psychic was ZERO tactful, and blurted everything out in 30 seconds. Hearing what essentially was ‘nope, no, forget about it, get over it’ made me so MAD, but later I realized it was just what I needed to hear. It was jarring…but I needed jarred out of the emotional funk so I could get over it and move onto something better. Most of the time when we get mad at a reading like that, it isn’t from the “bad news” itself, but rather because a reading can’t fill the emotional neediness of the time. Looking back, the readings that make you mad are often the ones with the most truth in them.

Sometimes tough love really is a loving thing. So if you ask for a romance reading from me, brace yourself. I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I won’t go rummaging around inside other people. If they give the give of a sense of them…that’s their doing, not mine…thank them. 99% of the time that doesn’t happen. Like I say, having the sense of another person (be it living love interest, crossed over loved one, or a spirit guide) such contact is an amazing, wonderful, love-filled gift, one to be always deeply REspected but never ever EXpected.

I won’t club you over the head with the truth as hard as that lady did me…but I will be truthful about what I see just the same, even if it isn’t what you hope to hear. I’ll club you with the truth,  but nicely.

Because this is such a frequently asked question…I created an “About” page for relationship questions. You can always find it at the top of the page under the “about” tab. Here it is in case you missed it.



“There’s nothing wrong with Love. There’s never anything wrong with that.” Ellen Degeneres


Romantic, family, friendships…whatever the connection may be, relationship questions are the trickiest ones to do. Why? Because it takes two to tango as the saying goes.

Relationship questions often ask about someone who really isn’t involved with the reading. Tarot and psychic readings are a one-to-one kind of thing – just the psychic and the person getting the reading, and that’s it. It doesn’t matter whether we work together in person or by e-mail, it’s still just us involved with the energy of it.

“What was said was for you, and you alone.” Morpheus to Neo after seeing the Oracle in “The Matrix”

Tarot can not read people’s minds. It can not predict the future. A reading can’t tell you if this is your future mate, or if you’ll get back together. A reading won’t tell if someone will ask you out or is cheating or not.

A reading can give you ideas about how you might want to approach a relationship. If a relationship has ended, Tarot can help you find a way to move ahead and heal.

Put the shoe on the other foot.

Would you want a stranger from the internet looking at your most private thoughts, your innermost hearth, your deepest feelings and tell your love interest or your EX- about you… all behind your back and without your permission? Could you love or trust someone who did that to you? Is that what you really want to do to them?

Sometimes, some rare, beautiful times, another person will allow me to have some sense of them – in essence consenting on a soul or etheric level to be a part of a reading. If that happens, I promise I will tell you. But I can’t promise it will happen. When it does happen, it is a love filled gift from the other person to you. Sensing another person in that way is something to be REspected, but never EXpected.

How much sense of the other person comes through in a reading is entirely up to them, not us. Never us. I respect your privacy and dignity in a reading…and I will always give that same respect and more to the other person who isn’t a part of the reading. If nothing comes through from them, that is that.

If all you want is that prediction of “will he…” or “will she…” then Modern Oracle may not be the right match for your reading. If you feel the same way as I do, and can give that privacy and respect to the person you care about, then yes, by all means, a reading can help…ask away! I’m honored that you would trust me with such an important reading. Thank you.