Arcana in Balance: Justice (2014)



I don’t know if it is true or not, but I’ve always heard that therapists had to undergo psychoanalysis themselves before they could do psychoanalysis.

That kind of “know thyself” approach is important here…second only to the Pope/Heirophant card, the Justice card is something of a personal nemesis.¬†Which makes sense…they are both tied to the two most contentious, hot-button topics we know: Religion and Politics. What the Pope card is to religion, the Justice card is to politics. This card tends to send me right up on a soapbox. Like the Pope card, when it turns up in a reading I have to be extra careful to not let my personal biases creep into the reading. Or into a weekly post about the card.

Of all the different interpretations for the Justice card, my favorite is from Diane Morgan in “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao”….wisdom.

In order to be fair, when we take on Justice issues from the legalistic/political point of view (who wouldn’t LOOK at the thing. Doesn’t it remind you of every statue at every American courthouse you’ve ever seen?) we tend to fall into delineations, and dividing lines….public safety vs personal freedom, and so on.

To balance all the opposing forces and many dichotomies of Justice, legalism and politics requires a great deal of wisdom. So let’s take a step back from the surface images of Justice to find the balance point of wisdom itself.

Justice is made of wisdom, wisdom is made of a complex balance of knowledge, reason, logic, intuition, pragmatism, creativity, sympathy and more.

Of all the cards, Justice isn’t a matter of either-or. It isn’t black vs white. Justice is like a good Ansel Adams photograph…not just a balance of black and whilte but every shade of grey in between.

Imagine one of those mobiles for baby cribs…many moving parts around one center balance point. Justice is many parts balanced around the center point of wisdom, all solidly anchored to a core of compassion.