Halloween, Twilight reruns and the Ace of Cups



I like Halloween.

I look forward to some movies at Halloween the same way people look forward to “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street” at Christmas.

Dracula, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Dark Shadows, Ghostbusters…

Lately it’s been Twilight reruns. Whatever you think of the “Twilight” franchise, Stephanie Myers got it so right with Alice. “When the decision changes, the vision changes”. Very Yoda-like…”always in motion is the future”.

Real world psychic readings are very like that. Anything said in a reading now can change five minutes from now if the people concerned change their minds, set a different intention, say or do something, NOT say or do something. On one hand it is complex and complicated. On the other, that is a very empowering notion…you can change the future. You can choose the things you can control, and choose your response to the things you can’t control.

SPOILER ALERT (Breaking Dawn, the book)…

I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn part 2, but in the book “Breaking Dawn” Ms. Meyers (intentionally or not) captures another aspect of psychic work through Alice. Her “visions” save the day about every 5 minutes. Granted, it is a clever literary deus ex machina, but real world predictions are a little that way too. Everyone wigs out when Alice and Jasper disappear. They had become dependent to a certain extent on Alice’s guidance. Real world “predictions” cause the same harm. Whether “accurate” or not, they rob the person receiving the prediction of their personal power. Predictions diminish choice and puts people in a weaker position rather than a stronger one. Only after Alice was gone did Bella really come into her own. Bella owned, developed, embraced her own strengths and talents after Alices convenient predictions were gone

Again, this echoes real life. It is so easy to depend on readings rather than take personal responsibility. I’ve ranted for YEARS about how it is a matter of choice and personal responsibility…NOT fate, time or predictions….yet all the time people still ask when they’ll get pregnant or if they will get back together with their ex, or if so-and-so is interested in them…

The truth is, we don’t need to rely on  Alice because in reality, there is a little Alice in all of us.

Today’s card is the Ace of Cups: it symbolizes “inner light”, awakening spirituality and increasing intuition. It is a reminder of the innate intuition we all have. We are all psychic. Some have a little more talent for it than other, perhaps….just like some people have more of a knack for baking or woodworking than the rest of us. Some people want to put in the time and effort it takes to learn to use intuition well enough to do readings, other’s don’t. I could learn to change the oil in my car, invest in the equipment to do it. I could. But I don’t want to. Anyone can learn to do readings…but not everyone wants to, and that is just fine. That’s why I’m here, that’s why professional readers exist…we learn a skill and share it with others, just like learning plumbing and sharing that skill professionally…you get the idea.

Metaphorically speaking, everyone can drink from a cup. We all have intuition, and we all can access it one way or another. We all can drink from the ace of cups, so to speak.

There are different ways to understand that…you can look at it spiritually…all living beings have a connection with the unseen that allows us to access intuition. You can look at it scientifically…pattern recognition, symbolism, non-linear logic are all normal but non-verbal brain functions. There is a structure in the brain called the coprus callosum. It allows the right and left sides of the brain to talk to each other…arguably allowing the non-linear, nonverbal, image driven brain functions that we call intuition to be put into a logical, usable, language-communicable form. So-called psychics are just people with a knack for listening to spirit (or to the nonverbal parts of their brains..or both) and putting translating it into usable language form.

It may not be your talent or your passion to read for others, but you CAN follow your own intuition.

You may not be able to wax poetic over what you taste, but you CAN drink from the cup of psychic ability.

You may not be able to future hordes of vampires, but there is a little Alice inside all of us letting us know what path to take.

Wishing you a satisfying drink from the psychic cup.








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