Tarotbytes: Queen of Swords (reprise from 2011)



Consider the magnet. It repels some things, attracts others, both of equal strength. Other things, there is no interaction at all.

One meaning for the Queen of Swords is mystical power. I view this in an interactive sort of way… not the interaction with self (personal growth, internal spirituality) you might see with a wands card, but more of a how-you-get-along-with-the-universe, more external interaction . The power and magic of our connection to the cosmos and our environment/culture is important world. The queen of swords is a sort of diplomat…representing the physical realm in the bridging of the the physical and spiritual. There is a good deal of similarity between the 2 of swords and the queen of swords, both dealing with the connection between spiritual and physical. The queen of swords, in this particular case, reminds me of  Ted Andrew’s interpretation of Blue Jays…the proper use of power. The 2 of swords points us toward the source of power, the queen is using that power with wisdom, leadership and personal responsibility. The 2 of swords speaks to the electric generator, the queen of swords is the smart grid that uses the power in the right way, so to speak.