Tarotbytes: Queen of Coins in a Career reading


There are lots of things that add depth and meaning to a card reading in addition to a card’s traditional “meaning”. The suite, the place of the card within the overall card spread, the general feel of the card’s message (advice, cautioning, validation, encouragement, consolation, etc), and the question the client brings to the reading all add important context. All that supporting context comes in extra-handy when there are a wide range of traditional meanings attached to a card. The Queen of Coins (Pentacles) can mean power, loss, quiet virtue, a giving friend…and more.

In a career focused questions when the queen of coins often has an advice sort of feeling. The card may be asking you to think of the intangible benefits of work and career.

When the feeling you get from the card leads you in this direction, the card may be asking you to think of the intangible benefits you get from your job. Is there any enjoyment to it at all? Do you get any satisfaction because you do it well? What ways does the job feed an nourish you other than providing a living? Does it challenge you? Does it frustrate and goad you into doing something new and challenging (helping you to grow as a person)?

Despite the normally tranquil nature of the card the Queen of Coins can also function as a caution. Often when a job does NOT provide the intangibles, or doesn’t fit in with the other parts of your life-path that frustration can turn to greed. This card is a caution against greedy excesses. It asks us to remember that we are more than just how we learn a living. Our job can be a large part of our life and learning…or it can be just how we finance the rest of our life. Either way, It is the attention to the intangibles that make the work worthwhile, not a sole focus on accumulating money alone. If the two of coins is also in the spread, that would lead you more toward this meaning…the two of coins would emphasize the aspect of balancing career with other aspects of life: family, society, spirituality, learning and so on.

NOT mind you, that there is anything wrong with having enough wealth to live a comfortable life.

Gratitude magnifies abundance, and there is more to wealth than the bottom line of a bank account. Intangible riches count too. Happiness doesn’t cost a cent, and is at your fingertips if you but let it in.