X + Tarot

There are lots of things to love about Tarot. One of my favorites is its applicability and flexibility. Look at it mathematically (you won’t catch me saying THAT often)…but think about it. Start with the deck itself. 78 images is a hefty symbolic lexicon all by itself. Elevate that by multiple “meanings” per card. Raise that again by the context of the card’s position within the card spread, and all the different card spreads at our disposal. That alone is a lot to work with…when you add the infinite resource of human intuition, Tarot becomes for all intents and purposes, limitless.

Raise that to the power of the Internet, and you can see why I love reading the search terms used here one the blog. I don’t know who searches what, but I love knowing what sparks other people’s interests about Tarot. It always sparks my curiosity in return.

I’d be really interested to know more about the search “martial arts tarot”.

Martial arts is one of my passions. I began studying Chinese style Kung Fu and Taijiquen (Tai Chi) in my 20s. Life happened along with some medical challenges so I’ve set aside the harder style Kung Fu in favor of  Taijiquen, but the core of it is the same, and it compliments Tarot surprisingly well. Especially when you consider how well they both fit into my Taoistic life-lens. It’s no secret and no surprise, then that Diane Morgan’s “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” is my runaway favorite Tarot book, and (with Ted Andrews’ writing) on of the largest inspirations to my early Tarot work. For that I am grateful.

And to whoever searched “martial arts tarot” I’m grateful for the reminder of the connection between two of my favorite things.

Martial arts teaches as much personal growth as it does physical fitness. Tarot doesn’t help you get in shape, but it teaches personal growth too. They both touch our hearts…one from the direction of the mind, the other from the direction of the body while it touches mind as well, bringing it all full circle.

I don’t know if the searcher was intending to find advice about martial arts from tarot, looking for a martial arts inspired tarot deck, or what was behind the search. I’d love to know more, if you are reading this.

There is a Chinese inspired Tarot deck and an Osho Zen oracle card deck…that may fit what “martial arts” tarot is looking for…browsing online is a good way to discover new decks, and there are many.

Tarot is so diverse and adaptable, it can be knit together with just about any human endeavor that arouses our enthusiasm and our intuition. Martial arts and much more. Fill in the blank..find “X” … whatever your “X” might be, chances are there is some part of it you can connect to your interest in Tarot.