Turning Seasons, Turning Cards

In the Fall and at the Winter Solstice our mind often turns to the circling of seasons and the turning of the calendar (we talk about this kind of thing in our upcoming Halloween episode of Menage A Tarot podcast).

It’s interesting to me how this is both utterly suited to Tarot, and utterly at odds to what Tarot really is. Both have to do with time.

If you expect Tarot to tell you exactly what will unfold as time moves forward, you are going to be disappointed. If you want Tarot to help you move gracefully through time as it unfolds before you, then you couldn’t ask for a better help than intuition. All the Tarot cards themselves do is help us to access that innate intuitive guidance.

Some traditions, Druids if memory serves,  view this time of year…the mid point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice…as the end of one year and the beginning of another. No matter when we set the turning of the year, be it now, in spring or in January, Tarot can help us mark and honor the passing of time and the living of life. Birthdays and anniversaries are the same, but on a personal instead of cultural level.

Personal or cultural, spring or winter, there are times when it is normal, natural and right to think about time. We look back to honor cherished memories. We look back to say good riddance and let go of bad times. We look ahead to what we hope will be and make our plans to bring them to reality.

Menage A Tarot co-host Kate talks about a Halloween themed card spread she is developing just exactly for this kind of reading.

It’s also why I developed the “Four Seasons” reading. It is a nice look ahead. Mine is a bit less retrospective…hmmm that gives me an idea…a really big one…look for an upcoming announcement about the new and improved “Four Seasons” reading…

Anyway, when I first developed the Four Seasons reading, it was to build a bridge between the notion of guidance and the predictions that everyone (we psychics and card readers included) loves at New Years. Instead of making a prediction about the upcoming year, the Four Seasons gives an idea, a theme, a focus where the energy might want to flow for each of the upcoming seasons. Not a prediction per se, but a signpost of what MIGHT lay ahead…more or a traffic report and road conditions than the exact ride you’ll experience.

Each reading starts with the season we are in, or the next one depending on how far along the current season may be. For example, it is almost Halloween, the mid-point of the Fall season. So Four Seasons readings I do between now and New Years will start with Winter (Jan-March 2015) and progress from there. After January, since Winter is well along at that point, the readings will start with Spring (March-June 2015). See how that works?


It’s kind of poetic now that I think about it…cards turn, seasons turn, and the learning and living goes on.