Happy Halloween: A Modern Oracle 5 Card Reading (2014)


Halloween is a traditional time for readings. If I’m understanding  correctly, Celts,, Wiccans, some pagans and witches, Druids and others consider this the end of the year…an very appropriate time for looking  both back at the year that’s been and looking forward to what the next year may hold. The time of the thinning veil is perfect for such things….so is this question. Many thanks to you-know-who-you-are for allowing me to share this.


Q:  What do I most need to know over the coming year? What’s my best direction to head?

A: I don’t see this as often as you might think…three of the five cards are major arcana. Think of the numbers…there are more minor arcana cards in the deck, so they are statistically most likely to appear.  That’s why I always tend to give some weight and significance when the majority of a reading is from the major arcana like this. I don’t get any feeling of panic….more a feeling of growth, change and dynamics rather than red lights and sirens. So don’t panic! The road may have some hidden pitfalls, but if you use some street smarts, logic (the word “acumen” springs to mind) then you can navigate the obstical course well,- “triumphantly” springs to mind as well (but keep in mind, I just watched “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure a few days ago, too). In short, use your head and come out on top, even if things get busy and change-y.


Lessons from the past: You know that dreams can manifest, and that  you can play a guiding hand in that manifestation. You know, from past experience that you can call to you what is wanted and needed. This is a simple reminder of past successes to keep you in that mindset…do that again, in other words.


Where you are now: I get a sense you are a people-pleaser, you want to obey the rules and keep everything smooth. Oddly enough there is a strong cautioning feel here…so I’m thinking you might want to keep an eye on that pattern. The last card feels like “do that” and this one feels like “don’t do that”. To meet the challenges promised in the general pattern, remember your past successes in manifestation, but don’t be a slave to the social expectations (dare I say, the rules?)…this card is reminding you that to attract those successes you might have to be a little more “out there” than is usual for you. Let your freak flag fly…or what feels like a freak flag to you, which is pretty conservative by most people’s standards. Being Taoist influenced, my impulse is to encourage everyone to deep authenticity. Let your light shine, even if it feels unconventional compared to those who surround you. If they judge you or reject you, that is their issue, not yours. Your job is honesty, not controlling how other people respond to reality. It’s ok to let go of the need to be accepted.


Nest Step Forward: It is OK to succeed. The star is a card of hope, navigation through life, spiritual inspiration. In this case it is reversed. I don’t read much into reversals, just use them to give a little context if needed. In this case the feeling of the reversal isn’t so much changing the meaning of the card as it is instructing your response to the card. Don’t turn your calling and life path on its head…don’t sabotage yourself or the path of success you are on. Hold the bright and shining image of your goals firmly in sight…navigate by that star. Don’t let go  of the vision just as you are about to manifest it.



Advice: This is also reversed. I think this does impact the meaning, in a way. Sometimes this card is read as selflessness, but Ted Andrews reads it as “movement through pressures” in his “Animal Wise tarot”…and I am more drawn to that meaning for you. There is a feeling of push or pressure. Like this guy pushing on a bundle of tall sticks. The Andrews deck has a picture of a tortoise. The feeling here is that slow and steady wins the race…constant, unrelenting pressure and effort. It may feel like you are beating your head against a wall, but persist. The reversal lends a feeling of “jackrabbit progress”. Like there are long periods of slow progress and continued effort punctuated by quantum leaps forward.






Alternative Direction: Don’t panic. Sometimes cards come into a reading to emphasize and strongly highlight another card. I really think this is the case here. And when the alternative card is similar or somehow strongly connects to a top row card, I interpret that as meaning you are actually on a good path, an alternative isn’t needed or would be a lesser choice…you are already on the best possible path. AND  it was reversed…again….so your reading is attention getting not only from the number of major arcana cards, it is also heavy in reversals. Reversing the Devil is a good thing though, don’t you think? I get the feeling of an anti-hero, rather than the usual “watch your back” kind of message. The feeling here is the flawed good guy…kind of like characters so classic in mythology and fiction…sort of the Han Solo, Captain Mel, Mr. Gold (from “Once” on TV)… a good person that doesn’t mind an off beat personal, or a bad person who does good anyway…that kind of flip flop. I don’t know why, but  Captain Mal and Mr. Gold come most to mind here. The connection seems like it is, ironically enough, to the Pope / Heirophant card. Both cards are letting you know that it is OK to be a little coutner cultrue…which might be a challenge to your natural impulses…and that counter culture can be good. Captain Mal may “aim to misbehave” but he saves the day in the process.




To sum up, what I “hear” (meaning the intuition comes as words instead of images) is “embrace all of yourself, both the light and dark” and “walk the fullest path in confidence” This also brings to mind one of my favorite symbols – the Taijitu. or yin yang symbol. There is no good or bad, nothing avoided or denied, not lifted above or emphasized…both equal, balanced and accepted, natural, authentic. Anything less is kidding yourself, anything less than acceptance of self and authenticity is a kind of dishonesty. Be you for all you magic and foibles, talents and faults. Walk your fullest path in confidence – it might turn out much better than you think.