Two of Swords: Sanctum



On of my favorite reads (in addition to My Own Minister and Daily Tarot girl) comes from local astrologer, tarot reader and intuitive Suzi Drozonik. She is a real asset to us here in S.W. Pennsylvania. I always enjoy her “Cosmic Dirt” newsletters. Today, it included a quote from Tori Amos that brought the 2 of swords to mind.

“Many people lock a part of themselves away. It’s a bit sacred.” Tori Amos

Perhaps that is something we all need to do, at least on a small scale.

The two of swords, as read by Diane Morgan, has to do with mystical unity. I understand that as being the unity…connection…communion between our inner self and the outer world on the grandest scale…in other words it is our personal connection and unity with the Cosmos itself.

That thread of connection is a sacred thing. More than a bit. I call it spirituality. That inner sanctum of experience of connection and awe and wonder is a sacred space to be guarded and respected, and shared very sparingly only with very trusted individuals. Contrast that with the purposes of religion…group, outer teaching, generational propagation of values, rules and ideas. It is a highly social thing…with little that is inner or private about it except where it give form and widow dressing to a person’s inner spirituality.

Spirituality is the bones of one’s soul, outer practices is its robes.

It is good to know the value of your inner wisdom. You know your truth. Protect it. It is indeed a bit sacred.