Q&A: Finding the right relationship featuring the 2 of Cups

Thank you, D. for sharing this! This kind of feeling comes up so much around the holidays – I’m sure your generosity with this daily meditation reading will help others too. Thank you so much!

Q: Sometimes I feel on the edge of giving up hope. I’ve been alone for quite a while after a divorce, and I’m wondering if I will ever find the right relationship.


A: Since you read the blog, I’m sure you know my philosophy about predictions, how Tarot just helps you to create a future rather than predict it, this is entertainment only…yadda yadda, the usual.

BUT if there is a good omen card in the whole Tarot deck for your question…it’s yours today – the TWO OF CUPS

Classically, cups has to do with close relationships and romance, and if there were a predictor of finding your soulmate, this would be it!

But there is another key piece…Diane Morgan reads this card as “inner harmony” and I see that as an important part of finding that just-right person. You’ve heard of “spiritual laws”…(laws meaning well – proven facts like the “laws of physics”)…the “law of similars” applies here….in short, like attracts like.

The advice this card has is twofold…both validation and advice. It recognizes your desire for the right mate and a loving relationship, and gives the advice of don’t give in to the loneliness and despair that is so easy and could rightly be yours after all your long-suffering efforts to do the right thing. “Like attracts like” is important because if you give up and give in to the loneliness that is the light you shine out to the universe and will only attract more of the same. But if you stay on this path of being happy in and of yourself, loving life as it is right here right now soulmate-be-damned-life-is-good then THAT is the light you shine…and the kind of happy, whole, healthy, loving, wonderful person you will attract into your life…that is the pivot point where the law of attraction and law of similars work together.

The is one tiny catch to it. I learned this from Sallie Christensen (one of the most gifted psychics I’ve ever met and co-author of “The Highest and Best”. I think it is still on amazon.com if you are interested). She taught me that for some, especially those who are particularly insightful or spiritually advanced, they so trust in the universe to provide what they need, and so trust that their soulmate is real and ‘out there somewhere’, that they send out a vibe that they are ‘taken’ by this person they haven’t even met yet.

I have a hunch this may be where you are – so cups is again the perfect Tarot suite….remember that Zen proverb that only the empty cup can be filled? The same applies here. “make space” comes to mind. In stead of focusing outward on ‘finding’ pull inward like attracting. Instead of thinking ‘trust and find” turn on a giant high wattage electromagnet and think attract…literally make a place. I’ve heard that Feng Shui can help…make your space as clear and uncluttered as you can, and literally leave empty spaces for your soulmate to fill…an empty drawer, a space in the medicine chest for another toothbrush, that sort of thing. Are you interested in Feng Shui? (www.fengshuisteps.wordpress.comis a fantastic resource! I’d recommend Rosaline hands down) For whatever reason, the Feng Shui “cure” to attract romance comes to mind. Put things in groupings of two to attract that energy. There are traditional statues of two ducks that are supposed to attract happy relationships and marriages, I believe. There is plenty of resources to order that kind of thing and I’m sure you can find good info on Roseline’s blog. If not, if you contact her she could put you on the right path to the information you need from the world of Feng Shui.

Hope that helps a little! I’m in the process of working on my next book “Moonlight and Silver” that will have visualization type meditations and a “how to find your soulmate” kind of section. It’s in the early stages, but if you subscribe to the blog or follow me on twiter (@modernoracle), you’ll get the release announcement as soon as its ready.

This really feels important…would you mind if I put your reading in a privatized form…a “two of cups and romance” Q&A… post on the blog that shares this? As we get close to the Holidays, I have a feeling that this will be on a lot of people’s minds, and I think your question could help a whole lot of other people too. People that might be feeling a little timid about asking the question – or at least that’s how it feels.

So long story short…YES that is very possible for you…stay happy and enjoy life, that will help draw the right person to you. Also literally make space, and shift your focus from ‘get’ or ‘find’ to “attract”. Think of it like being lost in a crowded amusement park. If you got separated from your person, and you both keep wandering around looking for each other, it can take a looo-oong time to finally connect…but if you stand up on a bench, wave your arms and yell YOOOHOOO I”M HEEERE! (with the intent on ONLY attracting your perfect mate’s attention – nobody wants to attract unwanted attention)..then they can find you easily, you know?

I know it sounds like what we tell teenagers, but it is solid advice for everyone…that’s why we give it…be yourself. Be your fabulous self, be happy now, and your soulmate will see your light shine.
Good luck and best wishes!



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