In The Cards: Welcome back



Although it’s been several months  since the last one, the “In The Cards” series of posts look at short daily meditations done with regular playing cards (just like “Tarotbytes” uses Tarot cards). This gives us a peek into “cartomancy”…doing readings with the modern gaming deck.

Cartomancy readings are a little more work for both of us. There isn’t as much symbolism or detail on the cards, so we work more from pure intuition, with fewer cues to steer us in the right direction. We might have to put more thought into the reading to find the connections and clues that are given. The up side is that there is less symbolism and details on the card…so there is more freedom, and less chance of expectations or preconceived card “meanings” putting blinders on the message, too.

So all things being equal…I’ll substitute playing cards in any reading at no extra cost to you.

The reality is, there are some people who are not comfortable with Tarot because of religious upbringing or other fears about demons and darkness and who-know-what-else. A playing card Cartomancy readings lets someone who isn’t comfortable with the Tarot deck for whatever reason try a reading in a safe, more comfortable way.

Since it is such a smaller deck, working with cartomancy every post wouldn’t last long. My hunch is to post every now and then, just as the inspiration strikes. But “In The Cards” isn’t a forgotten project by any means. Even if you thought it was gone…welcome back cartomancy.



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