Q&A: Is there a soulmate card?


Q: Is there a tarot card that stands for your soulmate? If that card is in a reading, does that mean you will meet your soulmate soon?

A. Good question. I don’t know that there is any one particular card that really signifies a soulmate. The issues around that oh so special, and oh so unique relationship are totally individual…between you and your soulmate.

Of course, you know how I approach predictions. I don’t think any Tarot card can really hint at the ifs and especially the whens of meeting soulmates. It’s more about the how of it. It’s about guidance to help you find your way to where you need to be mentally and emotionally to draw that soulmate experience into your life. You can read my rant about all that HERE. But again, that is all personal and individual, so from that point of view, ANY card could potentially be someones “soulmate” card.


Everyone seems to associate the general idea of “soulmates” with the Lovers card. That isn’t always the case in my experience. The Lovers card is about desire, true enough, and the desire for a loving, extended “soulmate” relationship is certainly one of the most innate, deeply felt, urgent and driving desires in the human experience. But there is a tinge of the physical realm to that kind of desire. It isn’t pure soul connection. To me, the Lovers card is more about desire run wild than the kind of long term mutuality a true soulmate relationship would have. [Which begs the question of what, exactly, so we mean by the term “soulmate”…but that is for another day. Might have to come back to that one for Valentine’s Day] The “soulmate” relationship is a deeply mental, emotional, and spiritual relationship in addition to physical attraction…it is a whole experience, and engages our whole being. That’s why I tend to associate the notion with the more esoteric, etherial, spiritual-oriented cards.

Probably one of my favorites for the idea of a soulmate-level relationships is the two of cups, and the RWS artwork is perfect for that. There is a “commerce of equals” – two whole, complete, empowered, autonomous individuals drinking together to create a union greater than either alone. It’s pure symbiosis. The twining of the snakes on the caduceus at the top only emphasizes that thought in my mind. It’s not the neediness of “you complete me” or two halves making a whole of something. It’s two whole somethings making something fantastic. The two of cups is direct, one to one, no angels, no divine intervention, no intrusion of culture or society. In many ways the two strong, clothed figures on the two of cups are more intimate on a heart and soul level, their love more empowered than the two nakey people with a giant cherub on the Lovers card.

But that’s just me.

It really is individual, and like any card in any reading it would need to be combined with both context and intuition for the right message to find its way to the right person at the right time.

Which begs yet another question for yet another post…assigning a card as the “soulmate card” gives the cards far more credit than they are worth. Tarot cards are just paper and ink and ideas…they are no more divine than the human skill and creativity that created them (which is pretty darn divine if you think about it…but that specialness lies with the human skill not the paper end-product). Tarot and playing cards (palm lines, tea leaves, crystal balls, rune stones – what have you) are just tools to help us get at the real meat and potatoes of the thing…human spirit and intuition. “Soulmate Cards” are far more about the souls involved than the cards that are drawn.


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