Light Housekeeping


Merry Monday everyone!

Just a few quick light housekeeping announcements before I go chase down the garbage can that is rolling around – blustery day in the ‘burgh this morning.

  • The November episode of Menage A Tarot Podcast is now available on iTunes,, and and of course on We’re not kidding about the feedback thing…please, really, give a listen then take your turn to talk! There is a feedback form on the website, our email is and we’re @menageatarot on Twitter!
  • I’m booked for new years eve, and closed for daytime in-person readings Dec 23-Jan 2. EMAIL readings are available all through the Holidays…I can do those anytime! Please just allow a smidge more time to get your reply during the holidays…sometimes I have to go grab those cookies from the oven, you know?
  • Know anyone who likes both Tarot and E-books? #PeaceTarot is still just $0.99 on for Kindle for your holiday virtual stocking stuffers