Accurate Prediction Q&A


Predictions are a popular thing this time of year. It is common, normal and natural to want to know what the new year holds. You know how I feel about predictions, but I still like to play around with new year’s predictions. It’s all just in good fun.

So to keep things in proper perspective, I like to revisit this valuable q&a every now and then.

And then I’m going to turn right around and post a four seasons reading for 2015 sometime in the next couple of weeks. Can’t stay totally serious…you know what they say, that if you’re not having fun then you’re not doing it right. So here’s the sincere reminder about predictions…with the less serious prediction reading to follow.

If you would like to split the difference, and have a sincere reading that gives you food for thought looking ahead to the coming year…four seasons readings (e-mail only) are half price until the end of January…click HERE to order.

Q. What do you consider to be an accurate prediction?

A.  Accurate doesn’t come into play with the kind of readings I do at all. I don’t think predictions has anything to do with readings in the first place, so there really isn’t anything to be accurate or in-accurate about. As I see it, the readings are about guidance, not about predicting events or outcomes. Readings (as I see it anyway) are all about NOW – helping us understand what is going on, understanding what life is trying to teach us, finding new and creative ways to solve our problems, helping us make good decisions…because all of those things affect how the future unfolds.

Fear of the unknown causes stress. Feeling trapped or not knowing what to do causes stress. By helping to shed light on what is going on now takes away a little of that ‘unknown’ feeling, psychic & tarot readings soothe upset emotions and reduce stress. By helping to make choices, and showing a way forward, readings help us feel less trapped. By liberating us from fate, true Tarot readings are the anti-prediction. Real readings offer something better than predictios.

What good do predictions do? They decrease a sense of control and make people feel MORE trapped by ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’. If the prediction is ‘positive’…the outcome they want to hear…they might become complacent and do the things they might otherwise, maybe missing the opportunity that was “predicted”. Conversely, if the prediction is “bad” they may give up and miss a chance to turn things their way. The way I see it, predictions mess with people whether the prediction unfolds or not. Looking ahead to important ideas, lessons, decision points, is more important, more healing.

It is like James Carville said “I’d rather not predict. I’d rather affect”. And the effect I’d like to have with my readings is very “Doctor Who” – like. The past is fixed, the future is not predictable – I want to help people find their own “temporal tipping points”. I want to help people understand the situation, connect to the NOW, feel less stressed, find the decision-points that empower them to go in a better direction. I’ve never seen “predictions” do that, accurate or otherwise.

Some people need the traditional, straight-line time and prediction model. I’m not saying that is right or wrong, good or bad. I’m just saying that isn’t what I do. If that is what a person wants and needs, that’s cool. Just don’t expect it from me. If a person is open to the choice / empowerment / “Modern Oracle” approach, then I can help.

The past is done. Right here, right now is our very own “temporal tipping point”.  Always. No right or wrong, no accurate or inaccurate, just choices, lessons, and new choices, and glorious whole of human experience.

“There are fixed points throughout time where things must stay exactly the way they are. This is not one of them. This is an opportunity! Whatever happens here will create its own timeline, its own reality, a temporal tipping point. The future revolves around you, here, now, so do good!”

– Doctor Who

“Cold Blood” episode written by Chris Chibnall (via