The Tower card on Perspective…from the archives


The “Arcana in Balance” series will return in January 2015. Next card up: The Tower. Meanwhile, here is a post on the Tower from the archives.


From 2010:

Was out for a walk, in the first snow flurries of the season.

Being in snowfall is not only soothing and pretty, but sometimes some of the best ideas just seem to fall from the skies. Nothing like being outside to give the muses better access to your brain.

Was growling on the inside about a horrible, bigoted, hate-filled e-mail ‘forward’ that I’d gotten yesterday from an old college friend.

Much as I tried to avoid the notion, truth was this thing that she sent, that she agreed with enough to share and to comment on (and no, it wasn’t a hack) was written from an extreme evangelical christian perspective, and filled to the brim with hate speech toward another religion. Knowing full well it would cause conflict, I replied to her, making it clear that I thought it was bigoted and wrong. If past patterns hold true, I’ll probably never hear from her again. I know, intellectually, that it isn’t always true – but in my individual experience one of the fastest ways to be rejected by an old friend is to disagree with a christian, especially the evangelical fundamentalist kind.

It’s true you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. You can’t pick where you were raised, and for me that was in the right-wing, evangelical fundamentalist U.S. south. I’ve had family members who don’t speak to me now because I dared disagree with racist or political emails they’d proudly sent. (no, they weren’t hacked either). Things get REAL quiet anytime that I voice my opinion because, truth be told, I’m a progressive liberal atheist Buddhist – not a welcome point of view in that part of the world. It’s wonderful when some people can get over that difference, but it’s still sad when old friends show themselves to be so different from who I thought they were…and such worlds apart from where I am now.

So back to the walk…

Was trying to put this life-lesson in perspective, when the random thought of “what Tarot card represents perspective?”

Best answer I can come up with is the Tower.

The artwork on the card reminds me a little of Medieval times, knights, chess, battle…

If you are down in the middle of everything, it can seem like a huge horrible battle…

But if you go up in the castle tower, and look over the countryside from a higher perspective, then you see the battle really isn’t infinite, and the far ground is really pretty peaceful.

Or, if there really are armies as far as the eye can see, at least then you’d really know your situation. At least then you can plan, act or panic appropriately.

When I apply that to the thing with the e-mail and the Tower card…well, you get yesterday’s post about radio waves and how a stations signal isn’t diminished just because no one is listening, and that if you don’t like one station, you can always tune into another…

It’s easy to forget the tower is there when you are busy jousting…but remember it is there, and you can climb up to see the sun shining on battlefield and hayfield alike.

When you climb the tower to see the entire landscape, you can see the biggest possible picture. You see that both warring factions have thier place in the world…as does the non-warring peaceful parts. Most of all, by climbing the tower, and gaining your own perspective, you have protected and honored your own truth. While we can’t stay in towers forever…we may have to get back in the trenches and fight our way through conflict, act to protect what we believe to be true, but at least we can do that with the larger perspective in mind. We can bring tolerance, understanding, clarity and perspective down from the tower with us.



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