Q&A: Second Sight


Q: How do you know if you have second sight?

A: By second sight I’m guessing you mean “clairvoyance”. Clairvoyance as a word literally means “clear sight”, although generally we use it to mean intuition, insight, psychic ability or even predicting the future.

I tend to think of it in less dramatic terms. Truth is, if you are a living human being with aproximately average brain health, you have intuition, clairvoyance, and “second sight”. It really isn’t anything so mysterious. Intuition is a normal, natural part of the way we process the deluge of information we live in every day. Some things fall under linear logic…math, language…1+1+1=3. Other things need to leap over that linear process to find more web-like connections, and more creativity. That’s where natural intuition lies.

Whether you see it as the way we use our non-dominant brain hemisphere, or whether you see it as a mystical connection to unseen higher dimensions,…however you look at intuition, it is something we all have and can use with practice and attention.

That is the starting point, in any case. While we all can do this, not everyone chooses to follow that path. Not everyone chooses to go to colloge, or go to trade school or go into the military. Spiritual paths are as diverse as career paths. There are challenges and lessons in the process of spiritual / psychic growth and development just as there are lessons and tests and challenges in anything else we choose to learn.

While spiritual and psychic growth is unique and individual, there are some experiences that are shared and similar. The “signs of being psychic” are often the normal hiccups of intuition development rather than indications of something all that different from everyone else.

Think about athletic training:

Not everyone wants to compete in a marathon. I sure don’t. But those who do choose to train have experiences that aren’t shared by the general poplulation but are common to runners-in-training. We non-runners don’t have to think about things like conditioning, running schedules, dietary protein, carb loading, compression, recovery, overuse injury – but they are all things that runners understand.

Spiritual/psychic students have their own set of challenges and experiences. It isn’t that intuition or second sight or psychic ability is special to a select group of people, it’s that there are experiences that are often shared by those who choose the learning path. (We can look at those intuition development specifics in later posts if you all are interested…let me know in the comments if you are)

As long as there are no physical limitations, we can all walk and run – but only some of us choose to develop those skills to a marathon level. As long as there are no neurological or mental limitations, we all posses intuition – but only some choose to develop it.

So how do you tell if you have second sight? Take your pulse…if you are still alive you have it. How much you use it, how ethically you use it, how you care for it and grow it…that’s up to you.

Just as anyone, with effort and practice, can increase their physical fitness, with a little practice you can become more sensitive to your natural “second sight” skills. Realistically, not everyone can be an elite marathon runner. And by the same token, not everyone can become a nationally known elite psychic or medium. But just because you aren’t a Heisman trophy winner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a game of football. Just because you aren’t the second coming of Nostrodamus doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your intuitive side. Just like physical fitness, intuition development is individual and relative. So what if you can’t wake up one day and do a marathon in 2 hours? If you are more healthy than you used to be, the training was worth the effort. Same with intuition…you may not wake up one morning knowing the future, but if you are better able to follow your intuition than you used to be, the things you did to grow spiritually were worth the effort too.

To find your second sight, the first step is to just look. If you want to train more, learn more, then there are resources to help…we can look at that (pun intended) in upcoming posts.

Good luck!


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