Four Seasons of 2015 – New Year’s Tarot Reading

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year where I step down from my anti-predict-the-future soapbox and give in to our oh-so-human tendency to want to know the road ahead.

No promises, no predicitions, no promises of predictions…it’s time to just turn the cards, and see what happens. Whatever comes floating down the stream of consciouness,  I write here for you. May it be helpful for all the highest and best.


We’ve been talking about Tarot decks on Menage A Tarot . This year, I’m using Ted Andrew’s “Animal Wise Tarot” and will, as always, blend that with my favorite reference, “Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao” by Diane Morgan.

My numerology-literate friends tell me 2015 is an “8” year, full of good things. As a nod to that,  I shuffled the cards 8 times. As a nod to my first card deck, the “Medidince Cards” by David Carson and Jamie Sams, I read these cards right to left, like the past-present-future spread in their book.

Winter (Jan-Mar) THE EMPEROR – vision, power, healing

Spring (Mar-June) 7 OF CUPS – decisions necessary for goals

Summer (June – Sept) STRENGTH – strength of will, inner sun, integrity

Fall (Sept – Dec) ACE OF COINS – prosperity and abundance

General pattern: These cards would go along with what numerology says about 8 years. According to it is a year of balance and power, a balance of both the material and spiritual. According to my friend and mentor, Joy Star, it is a year of prosperity, and success in work. Half the cards being from the major arcana would go along with the notion of this being an energetic year, with potential for change, to make changes and choices effectively. I like to think of it as a sweet spot in space and time to nudge things in the right direction…but nudging implies action. Even though auspicious times like these might make change easier…take a lighter nudge than usual…you still have to do the nudging, you still have to do the work, you still have to make the decisions and apply the pressure.

Winter – Emperor – “Set the course”. Emperor is a strong leader, takes charge …and responsibility. We are each the Emperor of our own lives, of our own inner world. Vision is  a strong element in the Animal Wise deck and in the RWS deck we typically picture. The eagle is known for sharp vision…hence the “eagle-eyes” do describe someone with good physical vision. Same idea is true for inSIGHT and the internal kind of clear vision. The Emperor has a quality of being particularly astute, THE leader, the king’s king, even over and above the king cards of the minor arcana suite.

When you combine Andrews’ idea of vision with Morgan’s idea of “illimitable ability”, we can make several intuitive connections. This is a good time to set goals, and make hard core, serious, long term strategic plans. The timing is good for well formed plans to come to successful fruition. Think of it in terms of cause & effect, sowing and reaping. It’s true that “you reap what you sow”…but planting at the right time of year helps too. Even if you plant good seeds at the right time of year, if you plant in depleated soil, the results are less than the best, too. So think of this card as a clue this is a good time to make good plans…in other words, the soil and time is right to plant the seeds of success

Ok, I hear you in the peanut gallery…you are saying the card is in reverse, so doesn’t that mean the exact opposite.

No, not the way I read cards.

Many people do flip-flop the meaning when the card reverses. I look at it this way…the reversal is a hint that indecision or a lack of vision could be the biggest hurdle in the next couple of months, more than outer obstacles. Our own blind spots, our own lack of vision and planning is the biggest threat to our dreams over the next couple of months

Which isn’t to say they will all magically come true before first buds of spring…this is just the beginning. The Emperor’s advice is to plan well at this beginning.

Speaking of spring…here we have the 7 of Cups, represented by the beetle on the Andrew’s cards. It is a very telling shift in perspective. Here we go from the lofty vision of the eagle to being down in the dust, flat on the earth with the beetle. Morgan reads it a “delusion”. Either way, point of view remains at the forefront.

As the year goes on there is a shift in energy and a natural progression of vision. We made our lofty plans…now its time to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty making them come true. Ted Andrew’s associates this card with “necessary decisions for goals”. The emphasis shifts from long term strategy and goals to short term tactics and the hard work of progress…”down and dirty” like the beetle, who like most insects are very strong. Ants, dung beetles and many other insects are known to lift, carry and move things many times their own body weight. Their effort pays off.  So that gives us the intuitive connection that effort will be well rewarded

Going back to the planting analogy for a moment…under the influence of the Emperor, we used vision to plant the right thing at the right place at the right time. Now is the time for doing the hard work and making the smaller decisions that lead to success, like pulling weeds, and knowing when and how much to water your garden.

Next we come to the dog days of summer. Or maybe in this case, the lion days of summer. Score one for the numerologists I suppose…it’s an 8 year, so it only fits the the 8th card of the major arcana  makes an apperance. Strength has many meanings, and you could probably spend a summer writing about it. I’ve already written reams about the integrity, honesty, and strength of character aspects of the card…if that part calls to you as you read this, please feel free to explore the archives with the search bar on the right of the web site page. For this reading, I feel drawn to Andrew’s take on the card “strength of will and inner sun”. It reminds me of late summer….not my favorite weather. It seems like it will never end, and that a cool breeze seems forever away. Sometimes you just have to “gut it out”, wait, endure, persist, even if things are unpleasant. The mental image of a desert comes here…there is no external inspiration, so there is no where left to turn except inner strength, self-motivation and just hanging on to your own bootstraps ’cause nobody is going to pick you up for you…the strenght of self-sufficiency comes to mind.

Along that line, not every minute of every day has to be some lofty spiritual experience. Personally, I’m fond of the spiritual traditions that emphasize the opposite…that point to being in the moment – point out the mundane IS spiritual experience. “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

I takes some strength to ‘hang in there’ sometimes…but my sense is that is the kind of strength this time of the year will ask of us. Again the garden and planting analogy holds true. After you’ve planned the garden, figured the right time and place, pulled the weeds, watered…there is nothing left except hang tight and let nature do its thing. Waiting and watching IS still doing something…it takes a particular type of strength to show self restraint and not over – interfere. It takes a particular type of strength to endure, even when inspiration and progress isn’t obvious. It takes strength sometimes to dig deep to find the inspiration to continue when there is none around.

But finally the cool breezes of Fall will ultimately come. Finally. Here we have the Ace of Coins. The meaning for that is almost universal…it is all about prosperity. At long last the harvest comes…so we have to work harder than ever to preserve the pay-off from all that work earlier…we have to make sure the harvest doesn’t spoil and that we have more seeds to plant next time around.

In the grander scheme of the 8 year, good omens in the beginning and all that…this card is pure promise. It’s the carrot dangling from the stick…the reaping of what was sown…a reassurance that all the effort will be worth it in the end…a reassurance that the universe is unfolding as it should, no matter what expectations we may have placed on it a year ago.

No for the fun part. Here is where tongue goes to cheek, I dust off my fortune teller costume and let roll with whatever Jean-Dixon-esque thing that comes to mind…

Grey skies and an airport…air travel may be in the news, probably because of the air asia crash a few days ago…and a ‘get a grip’ feeling, not to panic

Feels grey and cold…like we might finally get back to more wintery winter weather. It’s been unusually mild here in the northeast. Maybe were going to get ours over the next few months. I have a hunch all the vision and inspiration, and insight and lofty ideas from the reading are very much internal… if we look outside ourselves for guidance, we may well be met with a gray dystopian sci-fi bleak-scape of dissapointment.

In fact it feels like that internal drive, and introspective style will thread through the whole year.

Spring and summer will have a feel of increasing optimism tho…maybe the national mood will get on the happy prosperous bandwagon in time.

Something about older movie stars…talent we thought retired returns with a hit. Not just one, but an ensemble feel, several huge names working together.

Something about New York City in the fall…we all will want to be New Yorkers for a minute or two. I see Times Square, and fall leaf colors in my minds eye.

Fall and winter has something about education…maybe college, vague hint of a new respect for good sense and intellect…(although my rational, non-intuitive self is laughing hysterically – like THAT would happen after all these years of rampant anti-intellectualism.)

“ordinary” and “commonplace” come to mind – it feels pretty unremarkable looking at the upcoming year. “appreciate the little things and learn how much they realldy do mean”. Small gifts, like statuettes and tree ornaments with thoughtful, personal meanings come to mind…how cool would it be if that was the hot gift for next holiday season?

It’s also cool to think of an uneventful, ordinary year as a blank page…one where we can write our great novel, or the blank canvas upon which we paint our dreams. The ordinary universe is ours for the co-creating.