Happy 2015: be first, pay half and greet the upcoming seasons


Happy New Year


Hope you all had a good holiday season and have a wonderful new year 🙂

As busy as it gets sometimes, it’s also hard to believe it when it’s all over too. But that’s where we’re at. Back to business, I suppose.

It’s not too late to look back and be grateful. I’m grateful for everyone who has stopped by to read the blog and get readings. Thank you.

It’s not too late to look ahead. Every new year and new day is a chance to start again, do better, learn, grow, correct, be.

My friend Joy Star posted her annual “psychic predictions”. If you are interested in numerology and soul astrology, you can visit her at www.psychicjoystar.com

I’m grateful to David Dear for creating Menage A Tarot podcast and for the opportunity to be a part of that. Stay tuned…a new episode is coming late January. I always learn so much talking with David and Kate. I’m sure you will too.

It may not always be free readings, but I do want to show my gratitude to you in some small way by making coupon codes and special blog-only offers available. Bookmark the free/coupon page so you can find the latest easily. Or better still, subscribe to the blog. I’ll announce when I update the free/coupon page, and if you are subscribed you won’t miss a thing.

Click HERE to read this year’s tarot reading with my little foray into the world of psychic predictions, for whatever that’s worth. It’s fun for me to play with, if nothing else. Enjoy! The deck is Ted Andrew’s “Animal Wise Tarot”.

Use the comments below, or send your questions about psychics, intuition, tarot (not readig requests), mediums, spirit guides, or other related paranomal or spiritual topics…your question could be the first free q&a post of the new year!

Please click HERE to get you own, private email four seasons tarot reading at half price. Use the contact form on the page to get the special price, or use the code “SEASONS15” in your request if you order by email.

#PeaceTarot is staying at $0.99 for 2015 too


Drum roll please…new feature for 2015 coming tomorrow, January 2.

See you then!


The Modern Oracle 2015 “Four Seasons” new year’s tarot reading. Deck – “Animal Wise Tarot” by Ted Andrews