When Tomorrow Was Yesterday



I think there is a pattern developing.

And one, long estabolished, that could use some changing.

A few days ago, I hinted at a new feature ‘tomorrow’. Turns out tomorrow was yesterday. It’s been a busy season, and I’ve gotten into the habit of de-proritizing the blog, and so didn’t think twice about blowing off this post. It’s a habit that needs changing…and I’m changing it by making no more promises. Today’s card is Strength from the major arcana. Interestingly enough it is the summer card from the yearly reading. Might be a pattern emerging…or mor likely a lesson trying to whack me over the head.

It takes a deep breath and a little bit of guts and spine to stare reality in the face. I want to “have it all”, but there are only 24 hours in a day and I’m not as young as I used to be. I’m not going to promise to keep my promises…I’m promising not to make any more promises. The reality is the blog has to be flexible. My family is my priority. Time’s ticking, my youngling is getting older and I want to give 110% to being a mom for the precious time I have left. So no more promises….you still get my attention, the best readings I can give, the fastest replies humanly possible that still maintains that quality….but no more hard and fast time rules for the blog. If you see an announcement type post, know it means business…no more soft deadlines.

NOW…back to yesterday’s tomorrow.


On the last episode of Menage A Tarot, we talked a little bit about New Year’s readings, and using a card as a significator of some block of time….like the cards in my four seasons reading or the few days each in Kate’s weekly readings…or how it could be a card for each month or each week. There are lots of ways to approach it.

That gave me the idea for a new “card of the month” feature. We’ve been doing daily cards for years…lets add a little dimension by adding a monthly card to the mix. It can be a theme or lesson for the month (the way a card symbolizes a season in the bigger reading) OR we can take a lesson from David’s excellent “Tarot of Manifestation” and put the two types of posts together for more complexity.

The new “card of the month” can be used alone as an overview, or combine it with the daily “Tarotbyte” reading for a two card combo. It is a little like scoring a martial arts or gymnastics competition…level of difficulty increases the score. Each card you add to a reading increases the complexity, and so increases the level of difficulty in putting together a coherant reading. That’s why I tend to avoid celtic cross layouts…to my mind it hits critical mass and is overly elegant, overly detailed, and starts to break down into contradictions and confusion. But that’s just me, and that’s why the biggest “Modern Oracle” spread is only 7 cards.

Long story short….the new thing is a card of the month, and the idea for that was inspired by my Menage A Tarot cohosts, David and Kate.

January’s Card of the Month: STRENGTH

 It is interesting to me that the summer card shows itself again here for this month too. When lessons or cards or experiences or conincidences repeat…that repetition is in itself a way of trying to get our attention.

For me personally, I think it was a “suck it up and face facts” kind of reality check. Truth is, I don’t work intuitively on a schedule. NO creative work really functions on linear, as-expected time lines. That’s why the longsuffering editor cajoling, pushing, screaming at the novel writer is such a well-known stereotype. It is part of our literary/tv/movie/media psyche that we creative types are perpetually behind on deadlines. There is truth to that…creativity and intuition just, as a matter of reality and their inherant nature, function outside of time. If this happened in a straight line it would be logic and math, not creativity and intuition. Doctor Who was right… it IS all “wibbly wobbly timey wimey”. The challenge that the Strength card holds for me is to let go of pretensions, put a lid on my people-pleasing, approval seeking, make this look ‘normal’ for the conservative types nature. Time to face reality and call the kettle cast iron…

Especially if you combine that the eagle/emperor card from the yearly reading.

Yes, this is a time for planning. Yes, this is a time for lofty goal setting. Yes, this is a time for dreams writ large.

But today’s monthly Strength card brings the seasonal eagle back to the nest a little bit. Real, effective goal planning requires a dose of reality combined with vision and ambition. All of those in balance makes a powerful alloy…just as bronze is stronger than copper or tin alone, realistic steps aimed toward the top of the mountain together make a powerful journey.

Tune in next time, and we’ll draw a daily card and see if/how it knits together with the January card of the month, Strength.