Month and Day Tarotbytes: Strength plus 8 of cups



Yesterday, we turned over Strength from the major arcana¬†as the card for January. Today’s daily meditation Tarotbyte is the 8 of cups. Most of the time, my go-to interpretation is one of the more Holistic or Taoistic influenced resources…Ted Andrews and Diane Morgan being my favorites.

In this case, I’m more drawn to the more traditional RWS sorts of interpretations. In 1910, EA Waite credits the Smith artwork with conveying the whole meaning of the card and I have to agree…I get a sense of bittersweet ending, a walking away,

Which, obviously takes strength to do…it is hard to face loss, face grief…and it takes strength to walk away from things that no longer benefit us when they used to. It takes strength to walk away, even from things that are just plain dysfunctional. We don’t know exactly what the future holds. Sometimes it seems easier to deal with the dysfunction you know than to take a path you don’t.

Combine the two cards, and you have be strong…and release. Walk away where needs be, But don’t forget, you can still choose what you walk toward.