No such thing as a bad question!


Tarot is fluid and adaptable. It works with both open readings and readings that have a specific situation in mind.  It can adapt to a LOT of situations. Just not every single one of them.

I agree with Kate (Menage A Tarot co-host) that one thing Tarot doesn’t do well is specific yes-or-no questions. That is as prediction as predictions get…and you all know how I feel about those. As I see it, the best way Tarot can help with a yes/no question is to help nudge true indecision in the direction of firm decision. It can be a sort of dither-stopper. If two things seem truly equal in all logical respects, a reading can help you make up your mind one way or the other. Even if the decision is to stop thinking about it come back to it fresh later on – which is a valid decision in itself.

Tarot is adaptable but it can’t do everything (like read minds, predict the future, make medical diagnosis or find lost car keys). For Tarot to give its best guidance, sometimes the question has to be the adaptable thing. If you are willing to adapt the question a little tiny bit, then Tarot can put its two cents in about just about anything…it may not be THE deciding factor, but it can be a morsel for thought.

It is a little like what Jamie Hyneman said about duck tape on “Mythbusters” – “it isn’t the perfect solution for most things but it is a good enough solution for almost anything” (or something like that). Tarot and psychic readings are, in a sense, the duck tape of decision making.

But back to the question-adapting thing. “Will I have a relationship Ripley Studmuffin?” – I dunno, ask him. “Will I get back together with my ex?” Probably not…there are reasons you broke up in the first place. What’s changed about those reasons? “Will I get a job?” I dunno. Did you apply for one? … the list is endless. Expecting a yes or no answer from Tarot is like expecting the meaning of life to be the number 42. Wait…

The point is that expectations strangle the life out of intuition. When we ask yes /no or any kind of specific prediction question, we are heaping a whole universe of expectations on the reading. Of all the possibilities in the world, you are only allowing yourself two. Functionally that is putting on your own handcuffs and blindfold. The idea of a reading is to open your horizons, not close them down, to find new ideas, not shut them out. See the difference?

But people being people, I still get loads of questions asking for specific predictions. Whenever that happens, I’ll either send the question back for them to re-phrase or (if I have a sense they already ‘get it’ about predictions) I’ll adapt it and tell you up front in the reading how I re-worded it to get a better reading for you. Honestly, I just follow my instincts about which to do based on the tone of the question. The more focused on a prediction the question is, the harder it is for me to adapt in a fair way – the energy of a prediction question is so rigid, it almost feels constipated, for lack of a more delicate term. Word to the wise…the more open you are to all the possibilities, the better your reading will be and the quicker you’ll get it since we don’t have to deal with that re-wording process. Open-mindedness only helps you. Most people who are interested in Tarot tend to be open minded to start with…or they wouldn’t be working with intuition in the first place, so it usually isn’t a problem to do a quick re-word or to flex the question a teensy bit.

So the moral of that long story is that there really isn’t a bad question. The question, the act of seeking a reading, is a kind of openness in itself. At the heart of it is questioning, learning, growing, enriching…at the heart of it, it’s all good.

Don’t hold back because you think you question isn’t good or right. The yes/no/prediction thing is just window dressing…and re-wording it away from a prediction is just part of how Tarot teaches us. It is learning, not a “bad” question.

So don’t hold back! Ask questions! I’ll answer general questions about psychic, tarot, readings, or whatever for free right here in the blog. That isn’t an open invitation to ask for individual free readings (I can’t afford that) but general audience kinds of questions are very welcome! Just put your questions in the comments below or use the comment/feedback form HERE


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