Q&A: lucky day


Q. I have three days to choose from for taking my [graduate school] exams …. which day is the luckiest one for taking the test? I really need to pass this time.

A. This is one of those situations where tarot, intuition, and psychic readings just can’t help. This is a job for logic, reason and common sense.

The answer is STUDY!!! If you are prepared, it doesn’t matter which day you take the test.

If you want to hedge your bet toward a good result, make the most of the mind-body connection: In other words, study well in advance, eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep especially the night before the test – but don’t over sleep so that you are groggy for test (a happy medium of around 7 hours or so is best), plus get some exercise and fresh air in short breaks as you study. Another tip from my holistic health side is to make sure you have some water before the test. You don’t have to go crazy with it and wind up in the bathroom all day. Just think about maybe water instead of soda for a day or two and make sure you are hydrated before test. And yes, if you are a coffee drinker, by all means have that cup of joe before the exam. An important test is no time for caffeine withdrawal.

This is a prime example of how your choices and actions far outweigh any predictions.

Do your best, then when the results come, you can cross that bridge when you get to it knowing that you did all you could – and then make plans from there.

Since it won’t hurt anything…best wishes and good luck to you too 😉




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