Q: How can you do a good reading by e-mail? Don’t you have to be with the person and make some sort of connection with them to do a reading?

A: This is kind of hard to put into words….but no and yes – sort of. Let me explain.

First of all, it depends on what you mean by a “good” reading. Resonance is how I define “good”. It’s kind of like two two bells vibrating to the same tuning fork. As I see it, a “good” reading is one that resonates with the sitter (the person getting the reading.) In other words, a “good” reading is one that feels right to them in the end. In a good reading they see truth in it, or the reading simply validates what they already knew. If by “good” you are talking about “accurate predictions” – that’s another story. There are already plenty of rants about that topic in the archives.

So do you have to be physically present for it to be a good reading? No…good is defined by how you resonate with the reading on an energetic, intuitive level. That final feeling (or the lack of it) will define the experience whether the reading was done in person, by phone or by e-mail. The resonance happens when you take in the reading, no matter what format the reading was in.

Do we need a connection in order to do a reading at all? Yes! In order for a Tarot reader to be your bridge to spirit (higher self, spirit guides, intuition, etc.) there has to be a connection. A bridge doesn’t do anything if it doesn’t connect to the river bank. In a reading, connection comes in the form of  communication rather than location. It doesn’t matter so much how we communicate (voice, phone, internet) just so long as we do communicate.

Do you need to be with me in person for us to connect and communicate?  No. Not at all. People have been communicating through images and writing since cave walls were invented.

Intuition is “extrasensory”, almost other-dimensional. Think of gravity. It is everywhere on Earth all at the same time. The Earth’s gravity is pretty much the same for you and me,  no matter if we are sitting five inches apart or five time zones apart. The same is true for intuitive information. Intuitive connection is everywhere all at the same time – so time doesn’t matter either. It doesn’t matter if our communication is immediate, like phone and voice, or if it slowly unfolds over hours or days, like email. When and how fast our communication happens doesn’t matter to spirit any more than our location on the Earth’s surface matters to gravity. Intuition is free from all that.

Have you ever read a book that touches your heart and leaves you breathless? Have you ever heard a song on the radio for the first time and just loved it instantly? Have you ever called a customer service line where the representative feels like an old friend? Those are all intuitive, feeling, spirit-and-energy kinds of connections – and none of them happen in person. The author of that book may have died years ago. The song may have been recorded decades ago. You could be on the other side of the globe  from that person on the phone. Words and ideas are all we need to form spirit connections and build intuitive bridges. Hearing a voice is icing on the cake. Working in person is a load of fun, but it’s not strictly necessary.

For me, the intuitive images and words are all the same no matter how we work together. For example, if I get the mental image of a rose, or get the color “blue”, it doesn’t make one tiny bit of difference whether I say the word “rose” or type the word “blue” into an e-mail. The information you get out of the reading is exactly the same either way. How you connect the bridge to the river bank doesn’t change the stuff that is coming over the bridge. Where you connect the pipe doesn’t change the water that’s coming through the pipeline…make sense?

The “how” of making a connection in a reading is a matter of personal preference. Some people like the human interaction and personal touch of an in person reading. That’s cool. I do those all the time, and and enjoy every minute! Some people like the convenience, privacy and faster response times that e-mail can offer.

Personally, e-mail is my favorite style of reading simply because you can’t dig in, savor, save, re-read and come back to a spoken reading the way you can a written one. I love to read … e-mail truly is a reader’s reading. For anyone who enjoys a good book…email readings are totally the way to go.

That’s why email is my specialty. I’m a writer too. Intuition flows for me typing as easily as it does speaking (maybe easier). It is my favorite way to connect the pipeline and carry the message.

I also think e-mail keeps the whole thing honest. Working by email I can’t take clues from your body language, or ask you trick questions. I’m not saying all in person readings are trying to trick. With e-mail, I can give what I get as I get it, and know it is all pure intuition with no inferences from the physical situation.

Reading your note and seeing the words and ideas you type – that initial contact is all that is needed to open the resonance and communication for a reading. Readings are a connection of heart, spirit, mind and imagination. Those kinds of connections are too big, too important, and too filled with spirit love and energy than to be limited by where people sit or what electronics they use!

If you’d like to learn more, please click on the READING EXAMPLES tab to see samples of all the different card layouts I have available. Most of them are actual e-mail readings that people have generously allowed me to share with you. If you prefer phone or in-person readings, just think of the examples as a transcript of a spoken reading.


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