Hello again!

Just wanted to introduce you to the slightly upgraded format for e-mail readings. This is over and above the graphics added back in September. The new format officially starts Feb. 1, but I’ve been pre-viewing it with email readings in January.  Please let me know what you think! Comments are open at the bottom of this page.

The new format has:

  • Online order forms … order right away, no separate email request needed
  • Your reading comes as a downloadable attachment – easy to save, read, re-read at your leisure.
  • Tarot card graphics – you see the same cards I see
  • Single email transaction – no more separate payment invoice
  • You still have the option of ordering from your e-mail: just send your name, reading selection, question, coupon code (if any)  and payment to


Since the quality of the reading is just as good by e-mail as it is in person, convenience becomes one of the big advantages to e-mail. E-mail orders are still open 24/7, no appointment needed. You can request the reading any time, and I can get it back to you pronto…usually within a few hours. No waiting for days for a phone or in person appointment! No need to travel, no need to coordinate schedules…once it hits your inbox, the reading happens at whatever time suites YOU. And it’s private, too.

Since I don’t maintain an office and I don’t have to travel either, I can keep the e-mail prices very low ($5 less than in person, more reading choices). By the time I do the reading, type it, add the graphics and so on, the $5 per card price works out to be about $0.50 per minute, with no on-hold time, and no accounts to pre-pay.

Online order forms mean you can request your reading on the spot, no need to send and email to make your request anymore!

It’s a one e-mail transaction now…no more second e-mail from Paypal. I’ll include a payment link the email you need to use to send payment in the same email that includes your reading. Just follow the simple instructions on the Paypal website to sign in and pay with account balance or credit card. If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s FREE to sign up and well worth it for the security.  I’ve been through their “Identity Verified” process, and I never see your credit card numbers, so ordering a reading is very, very safe.

If I don’t receive payment in 7 days, I’ll send an invoice through their official system, so I can have dispute resolution protection too.

Want to try the new format? Click HERE!



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