First and foremost, I’d like to thank Joy for her blanket permission to share her words with you all. This is particularly brilliant. Exactly spot on. This is exactly my own experience and sense of it too. To learn more about Joy Star (she is a GENIUS with soul astrology!)  please visit

January 30, 2015

A Message from Spirit Guides

through Joy Star

What are the most important things for people to know about communication with Spirit Guides? 

We walk with you on your journey, know you intimately and love you profoundly.  We also wish you would pay attention to the ideas that you have that you are not alone in this this endeavor called a human lifetime.

[Note:  I wanted to change the sentence construction of the previous sentence, but resisted because I knew it should be left exactly the way it was given.]

Angels travel with us also, some as protectors and others as guiding forces.  We arrange for synchronistic events and coincidences to occur to assist you on your journey but we do not have final say-so or full power over any one life.  We assist and guide when the force of energy permits and we are in actuality a part of that force of energy itself.  While the human tendency is to assign an ego-like personality with individual name identity to us, we accept that but wish to put forth the understanding that we are, in actuality, part of the force field of the human that we travel with.

This field changes from time-to-time in your perceptions and is more active at certain times based on what is required consistent with life experiences and events along the journey. 

Those who first realize or actualize our guiding force initially perceive more of our force due to what could be thought of the flow breaking through the wall of consciousness (visual:  water breaking through a dam).  Once that initial flow of energy levels out it can feel as if we have left your consciousness or departed from your own field of energy; yet, in truth, we have always been around you and surround you and are never separate, nor do we depart. 

You find that when needed we are there in undeniable ways communicating with you but as your evolution occurs with our guiding force merged with you more fully,  you notice our presence less because you have allowed this by being conscious of us.  The process is natural and easy and gentle – it evolves into an efficient process such as in the example of a software program running in the background of the computer.  A guide is not to distract you from life but rather , continuing to use the computer as example, to run spyware and virus protection and flash warning pop-up’s when needed or messages of correction where necessary. 

Once the channel has opened (the dam of consciousness broken) and the mystique, enchantment and fascination has eased after the initial awareness, do not wonder if we have left you for we cannot.  We call in various aspects of energy at various times to assist you in numerous ways but remember we are always in the background as we should be walking with you on your journey. 

Personal Note:  We may find that we can reach a state wherein we too easily doubt the communication we receive due to the fact that the communication does come effortlessly and simply.  We sometimes become so accustomed to struggle generally in life that we question the authenticity of something that flows so easily after a while.  This, I believe, is something to be aware of.